Spinning Your Wheels? Take Your Foot Off the Gas

Are you receiving physical evidence of your desires? I hope so. But if not, you could be trying too hard.

And you probably don’t even know you’re doing it. Let’s say you are desiring a new job.  The one you have frustrates you, you hate waking up on Mondays, and you don’t feel fulfilled.  It’s as if you’re just spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. You take the time to determine your true career path, and you’ve mapped it out and written it down.  You begin your visualization, your meditation, and you envision yourself enjoying this new career that you feel is closer to your purpose, your calling.

And you wait for it. And you wait, and you tap your foot and wait.  And no job.  And soon it will be Monday again.

It’s easy for your thought processes to change from positive anticipation to one of lack.

Whining begins, comparison to others begins, and you start doubting the whole validity of reality and whether you’ve just been rolling in snake oil all this time with this Law of Attraction shit. You could look back to the past when Uncle Jerry worked in the mill for 12 hours a day to feed his family, and he never complained a single day.  To war times, when people didn’t even have a choice of jobs and “thank God you have one at all.”

Thoughts like that will change your vibration in an instant. You may start using effort to find a new job.  Hanging out on Indeed, submitting resumes for every position listing that even contains words you like. Pounding the pavement, as we say.


This is when your frequency has changed, and you are sending out vibes to the Universe that you don’t trust it. It’s like “flooring it” in your car, but there’s no traction, so your wheels just spin in place, sending up smoke that makes your eyes burn. The wheels are spinning because you’re trying to help the Universe along, to achieve your desires in YOUR timeframe.

Hey!  The Universe does not need your nudge.  It’s a well-oiled masterpiece that’s been delivering perfectly-timed desires for billions of years and it doesn’t need a consultant.

Let go. Sit back.  Play gin rummy.  Do whatever you need to do to keep your vibration at a positive anticipation level or higher. Distract yourself by having fun.

Here it comes:

“So you’re saying that my new job will come with NO effort on my part?  It’s just supposed to drop in my lap?  What about all those times you talk about recognizing signs, synchronicity, and breadcrumbs?”

That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Those signs, those breadcrumbs, will come to you while you’re in that anticipatory state; while you’re playing gin rummy, or choosing zucchini at Trader Joe’s.  That synchronicity will hit you and you will be in a calm enough mind state to recognize it.  And after you recognize it, another one will follow it.  And all you must do is follow the trail.

This is when your efforts will pay off, because you’ll be directed as to the next step to take.

Your effort will be easy.  It won’t feel like you are spinning your wheels.  You’ll see positive displacement from where you were, to where you are now, and you’ll recognize the advances you’ve made.  And your building excitement at your progress brings up your vibration even higher with each breadcrumb you recognize and take action from. This is how you can increase your vibration to match that new job, and how you’ll feel when you achieve it.

So trust.  Take your foot off the gas if you feel those wheels spinning.

Put yourself in neutral, and play with the radio until the Universal GPS sends you a signal.  Then you can put yourself into gear and follow the signs.




author: Kimberly

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