Signs that Creativity is About to Strike

Begin, when creativity strikes

You are a unique soul that came to Earth to experience life through a particular set of eyes.  You brought with you an equally unique set of traits, skills, and talents that are at the essence of Who You Are.

When you came here, you forgot your power.  But through your introspection, your yearning for growth and thirst for knowledge, you woke up to the remembrance that you’re creating your life. I wish I could say that the circuits are always open to Source, but we close them often—through resistance and fear—on our path of awakening.  When they do open, that’s when Creativity flows through you.

That’s when you allow Life to use you as a brilliant performer in its dance, accentuating your unique skill set to provide to serve those that interact with you during daily life.*

Our days in the Western World are overwhelming.  With technology, commutes, over-scheduled commitments and excessive responsibility for staying afloat, our minds run the show and we struggle to allow consciousness its chance to guide us.

It’s easy for us to miss those subtle cues telling us that we could be of service to someone, at that very moment.

That creative service could take many forms.  It could be an act of kindness, assisting a family in need, a smile, or a work of art awaiting its birth.

There are subtle signs that Life is offering an opportunity of creative action through you at that moment:

  • You suddenly feel unusually calm despite a chaotic situation
  • You feel uncontrollable urge to write, draw, or take action
  • Ideas pop into your head that have no reference to your current situation
  • You feel strong emotion about something, as if you’re listening to a nostalgic song

These cues are your chance to open those circuits and allow Life’s force to create through you.

Recognizing them is the hardest part.  Yet with repeated recognition and association of the sudden change in your physical/mental conditions with the call for creativity, it, like anything else you do repeatedly, will become habit.

You can send out the intention every morning that your circuits are open, and that Life is free to use you, and your extraordinary set of talents, for its highest good.  That’s creativity, right there.

What a brilliant use of the Unique You.


*Note that I use the word LIFE in two forms:

Life: the force of everything, the collective and the ONE.

life: refers to this specific Earthly incarnation.



author: Kimberly

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