Ramp up the Awakening Process With Self-Examination

(Get yourself a magnifying glass)

Awakening is not an event; it’s a process.

But while this process lasts a lifetime, its pace and progress differs for different people. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ramp it up. It starts with self-examination and self-inquiry, then proceeds to taking action upon the discoveries gleaned. What follows are some areas of self-examination and self-inquiry to get you started.

Health, Fitness and Wellness

What is your relationship with food? With exercise? How is your health, and how seriously do you take it? A healthy and fit body supports a healthy and fit mind and spirit. Eating better, exercising, getting regular sleep, getting regular checkups, monitoring your health and adhering to doctor’s orders can all help you hone your body and mind into the perfect instrument through which to channel the energy and wisdom of awakening.


The people in your life reflect your own inner feelings and beliefs. The depth of those relationships significantly affect the shaping and development of your own feelings and beliefs in a self-feeding cycle. Changing the people you have around you who aren’t on a similar frequency as you to those who are, and deepening those relationships, can help you accelerate that process.


How often do you laugh? The aphorism “laughter is the best medicine” has a basis in truth. Smiling and laughter help release positive, healing and energizing neurochemicals into your bloodstream that can make your process of awakening easier and faster.


There are many aspects of trust that can affect your awakening process, for better or worse. For example, do you have trust in the processes of evolution and enlightenment; do you believe they’re a realistic possibility for you? Do you trust in yourself and your own observations, conclusions and intuitions? A trust in yourself is essential for sorting through the many disparate influences coming at you from outside yourself to determine the ones that resonate for you.

In Summary

The more areas of your life into which you incorporate your intention and focused process of awakening, the more they support each other to produce results greater than the sum of their parts.

Some people quietly consider questions like these as a form of focused meditation; some journal their responses; others may engage in discussion on these topics with trusted friends or mentors. However you apply these questions, let them guide you to those areas of self-examination where you can use the most work or make the most progress (often the same areas) along your path of awakening. Then, watch how it ramps up!


Sage Kalmus

Author: Sage Kalmus

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