Raise Your Frequency After a Difficult Yesterday

"Pause and revise."


Perhaps you had a tough time visiting with friends that don’t quite remember that they’re creating their reality, and the experience left you drained.

You may wake up the next day with a spiritual hangover, feeling as if you are stuck in 3D and disconnected from your Higher Self.  Your frequency seems to have dipped, and you don’t know how to get back to your previous level.

Of course, you are never disconnected. But if your true divine nature seems so distant that you wonder if you’re spirit at all, try this:

Review yesterday’s events and note the things that gave you little moments of joy.

Throw out those moments that didn’t bring you joy. Swipe the image off to the side, and keep indexing until you find a good one.

  • A child playing on the neighbor’s lawn
  • Birdsong
  • A really good cup of coffee
  • Free parking
  • Trees in spring bloom

Those are the ones you’re looking to relive. Do it until you feel that smile on your face, and now you are off running back on your journey.

Every moment has a spectrum of frequency possibilities to identify.

As you move up the frequency scale, your paradigm will shift to more positive outcomes. On the way up the scale, you may encounter some negative associations to rid yourself of.

This is the cause of your “difficult day.”
This is you, evolving.

Expect that further clarification will occur regarding yesterday’s event. You’ll probably find that it provides lessons–and solutions–to multiple subject areas you’ve been addressing lately.  You are growing at a faster pace now, so multiple lessons will be a new method of operation for your burgeoning spirit.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how tapping back into those past memories can connect you with the Collective in an instant.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,