Purging Now: The Fog of Uncertainty

fog of uncertainty
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That full moon yesterday was a doozy. It ushered in some potent energy to initiate some purging of 3D belief systems.

I was driving Harmony (my aptly-named car) on Mulholland Drive yesterday evening, and a dystopian-like fog enveloped me as I wound around the bends.  I tensed up my hands on her steering wheel—fueled by old habit— thinking of the very possible potentiality that I could plunge off of the cliff, undiscovered for days, maybe, battered and broken in a gulch below.

Then the voice of my stunt-driving instructor sounded in the back of my head:  “Loosen up that grip. You can’t turn when you’re holding on that tight.”

Dammit, the world is so perfectly orchestrated and full of humor that even a crooked-necked limping stuntman is serving as my guide when I need it most.

So I loosened up, trusted, and watched as my hands, without my mind being involved, turned the wheel perfectly along the winding road through the canyon.


It reminded me of the fog that most of us lived in, before we woke up.

It was a fog of uncertainty of what lay ahead; a fog of ambiguity regarding our place within society; a vagueness that kept us believing we were powerless to create our reality.  Do you remember that fog?  We would bounce around, bumping into shit, feebly resetting our direction to where we thought you wanted to go based on what society told us life should look like.

We lived in that fog out of choice, mind you, because SOME part of our Higher Self knew we would love to fumble around in it, gradually learning who we are by making choices that did and didn’t serve us.  We didn’t know early on that we had a guidance system all along…and now that we’ve discovered that, driving in the fog isn’t so scary.

The fog will stay there for those that choose to stay asleep.  It serves them just like it served you, so as you view others still bumping into things, hold back that inclination to turn them in a particular direction, unless they ask you for help.

Rather, focus on the remnants of your own fog.  It will show up from time to time. For some of you, it will fall over you when you doubt yourself the most, or you need to make a decision.  This is the time to loosen up, get quiet and listen to your gut, not your head.

You need not plunge off cliffs anymore, unless you want to experience that sort of thing. It’s all about harmony between yourself, your surroundings, and the higher part of you that’s informing you as you travel along the road.  We have that guidance all the time, even in the fog.


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