Collaboration: Practice Moving from “I” to “We”

Why be afraid of your own energy?

Earth By Ella, watercolor

The “awakened community,” as you call it, is entering into the phase in the upliftment process which introduces collaboration on the next plane over.

In other words, you are now finding your “long lost” friends.

We know that you have been yearning for these connections, and have shown much frustration in awaiting their arrival.  Since free will still applies when it comes to meeting up with your friends, you may as well reignite some old abilities while you’re hanging around “waiting” for things to happen.


You can practice your energetic sleuth skills by reaching out to “strangers” for contact.

Does this sound scary?  It might, since strangers generally represent the unknown and unpredictable for humanity.  This is certainly not so on higher levels, we assure you.  Since we are all connected, there really are no strangers.  But we’ll pretend for Earth’s sake so that you may have a little fun remembering your nature as multidimensional beings.


If you go out, and you sit in a public place, you will see a variety of identities.

Each is expressed by a consciousness at varying levels of the awareness scale.  Some will seem comfortable with themselves…and others not.

Watch them all!

Some people will seem to catch your attention.

Others may repel you, and you don’t want to look at them.  Why not?


If you see people “out there” that you are afraid to look at, we have a message for you.


A short activation message if you find yourself unable to look at certain people in a crowd:

These moments of training are put there for you, by you, as a reminder that all of those other people are also you.

And since you are aiming at a benevolent world in which all of its inhabitants feel secure and supported, then you can expect that your outpictured environment will reflect this intention.

So even those people that you are afraid to look at, are your friends.  And they are also you.


So what are you afraid of?

Your introspection into hidden fears about addressing a particular energy may come easily, or it may not, when you are depending on your mind to deliver you a wordy explanation.  Instead, as Source beings, you can bypass all of that noise, and go straight for energetic answers.

So now, let’s pick a person that you are afraid to look at, and do it!  Look straight at them, with a bit of a twist:

View them with unfocused eyes.

Instead of using your physical eyes, you will be using your Third Eye, the Indigo Ray, to view your other self.

Since the physical identity appears fuzzy, inner pictures may result. You may see a cloud of colorful energy.  Each mind’s eye is unique to the identity, so we won’t limit your results with predictions.

But the real area to pay attention to here, is your feelings.  What do you feel?

Again, there are no limits to feelings.  In human terms, you may feel warmth in the solar plexus and heart chakras, what we lovingly call your “lemon-lime” area.  This combined area is the symbolic energy center for “bringing in the fold.”

Perception of loved ones.

Fellow travelers

As you perceive others through their signature rather than their corporeal representation, you will receive much more of the full story than your physical eyes will ever show you.

If you don’t feel much, then perhaps there is still a bit of resistance in allowing in new things.  You can try a different person, one whose physical representation gives you more comfort.  Then, practice seeing that identity with your Third Eye.

This energetic connection is how you will communicate in an open world.

You will consider the physical representation merely a small portion of the identity you are interacting with, and you will be tuning into the larger part of them…and yourself, of course!  Your learning about others will be smoother, easier, and more joyous.


This is how “I” turns into “We.”


May your upliftment continue joyously, and effortlessly.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,


image of Flora



Art:  Earth by Ella, by Kimberly Darwin