Past Lives: They Weren’t All Horrible, You Know

you were probably king in another life

Lightworker, you have lived many lives in preparation for this very one you’re living now.

With each incarnation, you learned more about yourself, by creating scenarios and situations that challenged you in any number of ways.  Those lives provided you the fortitude that braces you in this current incarnation—the you that is different from the others, the you that follows your inner compass, the you that has all of the skills needed to lead others by example.

In the thousands of lives of an old soul, there is no doubt you’ve been slaughtered, you’ve been abused, overcome with grief, abandoned.  All of those awful things that gave you the experience to understand your fellows who experience it in this timeline we’re all surfing.

Yet the natural state of the Universe is one of balance.  Which means that—even if overachiever souls like Lightworkers have a special duty above and beyond those of other souls—we still had lives that went well.

Lives in which there was little traumatic strife, lives in which we excelled easily.

Lives in which we were adored.

Most past-life regressions that I review recall the negatively-focused lives.  I think that’s been our history, regurgitating itself so that we could address it and heal.  However those days are coming to an end, so now it’s OK to recall those GOOD lives, those FUN lives, and those lives in which you experienced joy.

They are in there, so feel for them next time you meditate.  Remind yourself that you are a whole being, who can observe any one of your experiences, including the happy ones.

Then, see what happens in your life when you focus on that joy.


Earth Energy:






000 (At one with the Universe, ancestors)

17 (Look back at who you were, and appreciate who you are now)



author: Kimberly

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