No Need to Go Viral to Serve Your Purpose

Humans as a whole yearn to align with their purpose.  We all want to leave some mark on this world that remains after we’re gone.

With the media the way it is, we are inundated with stories about those whose actions and words have changed the world—millions of people, sometimes— for the better.  And it would be natural, in our Western society, to want to emulate that.  Not only would it be a great feeling to positively influence so many people, but going viral also brings up ego-related endorphins that we get to address for the experience of growth.

Your purpose does not have to be quitting your job and feeding the homeless.  Your purpose could be your being the reliable one at your office, or the shoulder that people cry on and they know they’re safe.

Here’s the key:  You don’t have to go viral to serve your purpose.

Western culture idolizes those in the spotlight. And, admittedly, the spotlight is a great information propagator to the masses.  Who could count the number of inspirations those in the spotlight have dispersed?

Yet, making the assumption that this is the only way to serve one’s purpose is cutting yourself way short.

Consider this:

What if, during this lifetime, you only inspired ONE person on Earth?  Would your life have been worthwhile?

Imma let you think on that for a second.

You might pull up thoughts like:

  • That would be a waste
  • When he dies, then my impact will die too
  • I must have been pretty insignificant to have only inspired one person


Remember that awakening is about seeing things from a broader perspective.

That ONE person could go on to change the world by the millions, all based on your contribution to his development.  All based on, perhaps, one conversation, while waiting to board a plane at the airport.  Or by one of your acts of kindness to a stranger.  Or simply a smile when someone really needed one. We really have no idea what our actions are doing for another person, for each individual is battling his own demons in his own special way.

Your impact is always greater than you think, though, or you wouldn’t have ever interacted with that person. That’s why people come into your life, whether it be for a 30-second conversation, or for 50 years.

From our limited (but thankfully, growing) human perspective, we can’t see the big picture; and this is by design because we wanted to discover life in increments.  Every single interaction is an integral part of the grand design, serving everyone involved, as well as reminding you of your magnificence.

Your purpose is right NOW, my friend.  There’s no need to quit your job or live the life of the ascetic unless you want to. Knowing this allows you to cast your Light outward to the world, knowing that it will affect exactly the right people in just the right way.  You don’t need to go viral, nor must you know every detail about how it’s working.  It’s about trusting yourself, trusting the Universe, and knowing that you matter.

Peace and Love to you.



author: Kimberly

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