Meeting Others At The Life Force River

The flow of Life Force is never-ending and available to all.

abstract painting of river of light

Those of you who have largely rebalanced your energies are allowing in the massive power of life force, the Source that fuels your creations.

This river of energy flows whether you are aware of it or not; it is a constant stream of positive, loving Life Force.  The river doesn’t slow down, or dry up; and it’s deeper than you can imagine.  You don’t need to earn access to it!  It is freely available to you; and you can accept it or deny it.  Whether you believe in it or not, the river exists nonetheless.

When you are relaxed, you move in the direction of its natural flow.
With laughter, you rush closer to its banks.

You have been to this river many times in your life.

You felt it as a rush of adrenaline, as excitement.  A new stimulating path to take.  Broadening horizons. Hope, anticipation, perhaps even giddiness.
Maybe it took your breath away for a minute as a montage of possibilities presented themselves to you in rapid succession.
Maybe you were so enamored in this altered state that you saw a stream of flowing light, in undulating colors.  Sounds gained depth.  Tastes were amplified.  You may have felt yourself as larger.

This passion can feel as if it might overwhelm you, which is why humans generally don’t stay there for too long.  But this is changing.  You are hanging out closer to the river, so to speak, learning to favorably apply the passionate energy that is mobilized by human emotion.

You are learning to handle Love.

Much like a river supports those with access to it, Love fuels creation. There are as many types of Love to be experienced, as there are souls experiencing it.  Yet most of you have yet to experience untethered Love while incarnated in a human body.

This is good news!  Why?

Because you know that if something you desire excites you—and you haven’t experienced it in the physical yet—that it’s coming.

Time to relax.

Let’s take a look at a challenge that many of you face at this time:
The desire for an Other in your life.

Many of you call these Others “soul mates” or “twin flames;” yet we view these terms with much flexibility in their meaning.  These Others need not be a lover, but it’s possible.  Other Others could be a pet, or a new best friend that understands you with few to no words.  Someone that never requires justification from you.  Someone who accepts you as you are, where you are.

Your introspection has probably cleared some blocks surrounding unworthiness, lovability and your right to create a life that matches your desires in all areas.  You know that you don’t have to settle! You understand that your reality is malleable, adventurous, free.  So if you feel that you have a grasp on your own “areas,” and still you yearn for an Other in your physical world, then you may be investigating a choice-related theme during your incarnation.  Here are a few examples:

  • Wanderlust
  • Life-critical family decisions
  • Boring jobs
  • Circles of friends
  • Overemphasis regarding details
  • Organizational pushback
  • Pre-incarnational agreements (soul plans)

Immersed in these themes, you can explore the wide range of possibilities available to you, all the while being aware of your dualistic nature. Physical self and Higher Self are both active participants in your incarnation.  Both have options from which to choose, each in its respective system of reality.  And both are choosing; you all know that they sometimes do not make the same choice.

When it comes to pre-incarnational agreements (“You promised!”), you have a whole new set of possibilities.  For with “soul plans,” the horizon spans beyond the physical, and into the ethers.  Telepathy becomes an accepted manner of communication; and players in this theme have a head start on trusting in things they can’t see.  It’s an exhilarating dance requiring participation on multiple planes of existence!

Yet if you hold the belief that a pre-birth “promise” has been broken, then there may be some new areas within yourself to discover.

Those who embody this belief may send to themselves situations calling for a choice to honor the free will of Others in their lives, even if it causes personal sorrow.

This version of unrequited love ignites individuals into both internal and external action, allowing for great expansion in both arenas.  A treasure hunt, a perpetual stream of evolving choices:  “I want this in an Other.  I don’t want that.”

So if you discover that you hold the belief that a soul plan has been broken by another, we would like to remind you, once more, that all possibilities exist.


Please ask yourself this question:

Is there a chance that your soul mate will NOT choose you?


If you said “yes” then you recognize that in a world that includes all possibilities…there is that chance.

Perhaps you got a sinking feeling in your stomach when you conceded this.  But before you steer yourself away from this turn in the river, remember that you always have a choice as to where to put your awareness

Our aim here is to address any fears surrounding your power to manifest your desires.  So rather than run from a that acute pang of despair, let’s look at the belief that fueled it for a minute:

Is there any reason for you to focus on that particular possibility?

In other words, just because there is a chance that you won’t meet your Other, is it the only outcome to this situation you will consider?

Once you acknowledge that a possibility exists in which you and your soul mate may never meet, you can continue with the knowing that you need never choose that option.

You have reviewed your choices. You prefer positive outcomes.
You can envision possibilities that provide the most joyous expansion for all involved.

And since you recognize your right to a fulfilling life based in love, then you recognize the right for Others to choose their own possibilities in turn.

So although we can’t tell you when you will meet at the life force river, we can tell you that if you can imagine it, then you have already created an Other who would choose you.

This is the Other that you can begin to know even before you meet in the physical.  It happens when you allow your Higher Self to make a few choices on your behalf. During quiet times, ask to open communications, and perhaps envision yourself meeting somewhere on the bank.  Concentrate on that possibility and on that Other, rather than on an Other who would choose someone else.

Get as close to that good-feeling place as you can.

Focus on life force. Practice focusing on kindness, on unity, on playfulness, on peace…right where you are in life.

For if you have a pre-incarnational agreement, vibrationally speaking, you will meet at a designated frequency point along that river.  This is accomplished through choices made by both your physical self and your Higher Self, as well as by those of the Other.

So dip a toe in while you’re hanging around, and see where those intense emotions take you. Explore Love in all its forms, from the smile of a toothless man to a baby’s laugh in the grocery store.  Circulate this energy to others in the form of unconditional acceptance for their right to choose the life they want to experience, and acknowledge your growth in the process.  There is plenty for all.

By honoring the free will of all Others, you allow more freedom into your own experience.  You put yourself closer to the river, to your meeting point, and to an exciting new path of sharing your true Self with an Other.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,



by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda

Reminder:  The flow of Life Force is never-ending and available to all.