Manifesting Things You Don’t Want to Buy

manifesting things you don't want to buy

Everything that you see in your physical world is made out of energy. So wanting something, is asking a certain energy to come to you.

Once you learn to move yourself to the same vibration as the stuff you want, it can manifest into your physical reality. Doesn’t matter if it’s a person, a situation, or a thing.  It’s all energy and everything has its own particular vibratory signature.

One of the biggest obstacles to manifesting on a regular basis is the doubt about how it will come to you.  You may start playing out the visualization in your head about the path it needs to take to show up.

If it’s a thing, your mind may send up doubts as to the viability of getting it.  To buy it, you need money.  You don’t have the money currently….so down the spiral you go, with abundance challenges popping up and commandeering your creation process. You get thrown off track because you are trying to do the Universe’s job.

In order to keep yourself in the vibration of receiving, practice sending out your desire, feeling what it feels like to already have it, and skip the whole middle part of how it gets to you.

Let’s take an example of a real-life manifestation fairy tale.

I moved into a new, larger apartment that lacks a full-length mirror in the bedroom.  Gotta see the whole picture before you leave the house, right? Just to make sure that, in my consciousness-expanding spaciness, I didn’t forget to put on pants.

Anyone who’s visited Los Angeles knows that traffic is a point of contention.  Traveling a mile can take half an hour, and when you get there, there’s no parking. This is how I viewed the trip to Target to purchase a mirror.  More trouble than it was worth.

Instead, I decided to send out the desire for a full-length mirror to come to me, without any effort.

Not long after, I was picking up a friend at her house when I saw that her next-door neighbor had set out a full-length mirror in the back alley for anyone to take.  It even had the nails already installed and ready to hammer in.

All I had to do was nail the sucker right into the wall.


So try next time to avoid the middle part of HOW things will get to you.  Replace those middle-period visualizations with trust.  Trust that the Universe loves to deliver to you what you want or need in this physical reality, and let that be it.

With the arrival of your desired thing, you’ll also be healing the abundance issues that popped up during your earlier attempts.  You’ve just proven to yourself that you can manifest anything you desire.



author: Kimberly

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