Looking at a Situation from Multiple Paradigms

It’s a human trait to look at a situation and make a judgment about it.

Awakened beings learn quickly that judgments are a form of violence, and that those judging will eventually be judged.  But let’s go even deeper than that.  Here’s an example from Wayne Dyer, who learned about judgment in his earlier days as a psychology graduate student riding the subway to class.

Sharing the subway car were several children, who rampaged around the moving train, swinging from poles, punching each other, and generally causing a major disturbance to other passengers; while their father sat in a seat with glazed eyes, seemingly oblivious to the actions of his kids.

Wayne became increasingly enraged at the childrens’ behavior, and at the father’s unwillingness to discipline his children. Finally he could take it no more, and admonished the father for allowing his children to act in such a manner in public.  “Why don’t you discipline your children?  It’s obvious that they are disturbing all of the other passengers,” Wayne said.

The father turned to Wayne in a detached manner and explained that his wife had just passed away in the hospital a few hours ago, and they were returning home for the first time without her.

This was simply the way the children were feeling their grief at just losing their mother.

That’s where judgment gets us, my friends.  Until we can see a situation from every angle, it makes no sense to judge anyone else’s behavior, situation or attitude about life.

As we enter the 5D paradigm, our viewpoints expand to see ourselves in others’ shoes, and we are better able to extend our compassion to those who behave in ways we consider unacceptable.

There is no right or wrong, just a different viewpoint.  So let’s try to view any situation from different perspectives, and act with compassion rather than quick judgment.


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