LIES: Letting Incorrect Evaluation Separate

you've been told lies about your power

The illusion is shattering. Soon, the exploitation by those in power will be exposed.  You have been fed limiting beliefs throughout your life, because “they” desire to control you.  And by the way, “they,” are YOU.

These limiting beliefs, they are so prevalent that most people never question them.  They are the beliefs that someone OUT THERE is more powerful, more knowledgable or more desirable than you are.

I call them LIES, and I often spew out that word to myself to remind me when a self-limiting thought commandeers my mind.  One that tells me I’m not good enough, or that I can’t have that, or that things will never work out happily for me.

LIES: Letting Incorrect Evaluation Separate

Why “separate?” Used as a verb, lies are created to separate you.  To keep people disconnected from their fellow human, from their dreams, and from their own power.  As I always say, powerless and fearful people are easy to control.

Here are some examples of LIES:

  • “You don’t have a chance getting a date with that person.  Don’t even try.”
  • Your friends know what’s good for you, so you should take their advice.
  • My mother and my aunt both had this illness.  Of course, I have it too.

In fact, any thought of self-limitation is a lie.  You are the creator of your reality, and as such, you are omniscient, omnipotent, and a Master of Imagination.

You are also a Master of Illusion, because even though the human “you” is starting to recognize all of these limitations, it was you that put them there in the first place.  Ya know, just to see how long it would take you to remember that they are all bullshit.

For some, it doesn’t take long. My 20-year old son was born knowing that we live in an illusory, holographic world.  For me, it took 30 years.  For some, never…because they choose to live among those limitations for the experience that that perspective would afford. And all of this is OK. There is no right or wrong here.

You’ll know when you’ve told yourself a lie because you’ll feel awful.  In your gut, in your heart.  You’ll get that sinking feeling.  That’s the indication that you are dealing with a lie, and it’s not your truth.

So when you recognize a lie, what do you do?

Remember that it was told to you to keep you powerless, and controllable, until the time you recall that it’s untrue.  That time is now, and you’re right on time.

You’ll be bringing that shit out from the shadows, and I promise you that there is a larger part of you who is cheering that you found that breadcrumb.  That larger part of you knows your role as the creator of everything.  By calling that shit out, you’ve just made huge progress.  You can now replace that outdated lie with something that makes your gut feel good.

The truth is, you DO have the power to create exactly what you want in life.  You just forgot.

This is the first step in avatar redesign, if you are taking that journey with me.  Recognizing those lies is crucial, because as you regain your power, you’ll be manifesting the “you” that you’ve always wanted to be, without the limitations.  Why not go “all in” and see where it takes you?



author: Kimberly

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