You Are A Dreamer In Someone Else’s Dream

It's all one big idea.

man laying on hammock


Deep within, you know that you are creating your reality. You, dreamer, know that you are consciousness, having a beautiful dream. You’re connecting with others who are also dreaming; all in a never-ending dance, to a single rhythmic tone.

Consciousness does its part by “forgetting” about its limitless nature in order for you to play this expansion game.  You create the dream, and experience it, simultaneously.

As you remember this truth, you can channel your dreaming power towards what you want to experience.  Your ideas will become vivid visualizations, and it is thrilling to watch them actualize in your physical surroundings.  When that happens, we see you as energy fields that light up brighter, pulsing with greater strength.  It is magical to watch.

So how do you dream about what you do want, while gracefully turning your attention away from what you don’t want?

It begins with an idea, that expands based on your current set of beliefs about yourself.

Let’s say that you desire a mate that allows you to be exactly Who You Are in all moments.  There is an infinite number of possibilities open to you:  physical characteristics, habits, strengths and weaknesses, activity level, interests, level of awareness, intention, life purpose.

As you focus on details, Source creates a replica of this person.

This image is then joined with consciousness—by a friend from beyond who is more than happy to take on that role for the mutual growth it provides—and off you go. Much of the time, this is by agreement, but sometimes, there are actors who pick up the job on the fly. Even in those cases, you are just as much a part of their dream as they are of yours.

In a world inhabited with so many physical beings, how do you find those with similar dreams?

Remember that everything, starts with an idea, which with continued focus results in a physical representation based on your expectations.  As you fine-tune yourself by facing your fears, loving yourself unconditionally, and focusing on unity, you redesign your signature to match these ideas. You become more positively-balanced. Others are doing the same; those that match your frequency will align with you in the physical.

Here’s the fun part:

You, dreamer, are also being dreamed about.

Is that exciting?

We hope so, for it is a symbolic reminder of your unquestionable self-worth and right to create exactly the experiences you desire.

Feel into the best version of Yourself; the one that offers love under all circumstances. Let that person be the dreamer. Let that person have the ideas.

Your moments as a multidimensional being having an Earth experience are meant to be savored.

So we recommend that you savor the knowing of a larger truth:  It’s Your Dream.

There is no one dictating what your dream should look like, or that it should fit within any guidelines.  This includes the belief that your purpose is assigned to you by Source. What kind of creator would wish that all of its ideas be identical?

When the intention is to expand, dreaming is required!

Consider dreaming larger ideas than you’ve previously allowed yourself to imagine, with full knowledge that we all share in one collective idea as we go about having our individual ones.

Consider us friends, desiring to help you to dream your dream. You light up our energy fields too, you know, through the reading of our words.

So thank you for taking part in our dream!


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,



by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda

Reminder:   It’s all one big idea.