Keep Refining Your Desires

And know that they have been delivered

make small changes to your desires

If you have been the most authentic version of YOU, and maintaining your vibration of joy, then you know that your desires will soon manifest in your physical world.

That’s the wonder of the Law of Attraction.  Just by staying joyful in every possible moment, you bring yourself closer to the physical experience that matches your positive state.  Yet you might be wandering around the physical world, in your state of anticipation, wondering when this “thing” will happen.

It’s because we’ve been taught by others to expect that “thing” to appear in one dramatic fell swoop;  from a “not being there” state to a “being there” state. And that will happen.

But it might not happen in one single instant.  You are moving closer to it in small steps; little changes in perception about what you want, and why you want it, honing your vibrational state to better correlate with what you really want.

I am sure that you can recount a time in your past when you manifested your desire, and you realized you really didn’t want it all that much.  In the New Energy, your vision is clearer, and as you progress through your day, you are able to make small conscious adjustments to your requests based on the current, present YOU.  This is great news!

Remember that if it hasn’t shown up yet, then it’s not supposed to be there yet; there are some inconsistencies between what your “small self” and your “Higher Self” believe is right for you at this time.  The more you connect with your Higher Self on these matters, the faster that gap will converge.

So renew those desires on a regular basis, incorporating your new truths, your new perspective, and new excitement about receiving it—in exactly the way that you want it to appear.  Focus on your Now.  What is in it that’s magnificent?  Exciting? Funny?  You’ll bring more of those joys to you in the appreciation of them.

Then go play.



author: Kimberly

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