Is Everyone’s Ship Coming In Except Yours?

does everyone's ship come in but yours

Ever feel like you got somewhere too late and missed out on some great opportunity that went to someone else?

I know how it can feel when you see others succeeding when you’re still trying so hard.  Even when you’re exploring meditation, monitoring your thoughts, and sending out your intentions for things and situations you want, they don’t seem to come to you like you thought they would.  It’s as if everyone’s ship comes in except for yours.

If you’re not seeing your desires manifesting in the physical world, you may start doubting things.  Doubting your power, doubting the Universe, doubting your worthiness to receive.

You may experience envy at the success of others, or downright jealousy.  These are common feelings and our capitalistic society is thrilled when you feel them because they are great catalysts for purchasing products and services to make you temporarily feel better.

The fact that someone else’s ship came in and yours didn’t is a common programming feature of our culture.  Let that junk out when you feel it, or you’ll continue on that downward spiral of lack and doubt. Annnnnd, then you get more.

So let’s stop attracting that shit right now.

Even if you DID miss out on something, you will ALWAYS have another chance.

Yes, I am shouting “ALWAYS” at you.

Here’s the way Life works:

Your situations are presented to you for the growth that you’ll experience from them. If there is something that is supposed to happen, or someone who will take you to the next step of your evolution, you will have every opportunity for that to happen.

Even if you were stuck in traffic and missed the party, you will be presented with the opportunity again and again until that meeting happens.

Knowing this allows you to live more in the present, trusting that your guides will nudge you along when the next opportunity arises.  It’s about allowing that nudge in that’s your lesson here.

So never fear, Lightworker.  Even if you missed the last ship, there is another one coming in.  In fact, a ship comes in for someone, every day.

There’s a song about that!







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