How You Know When to Leave an Online Group

online groups for lightworkers

Humans are social beings and the sense of tribe, or belonging, is extremely strong.

If we’re not meeting in person (since so many Lightworkers are going it solo), we’ll still strive to connect with others via social media.  It can be a lonely road, for sure, this Lightworker stuff.

Even though I live in Los Angeles, one of the most forward-thinking cities in the world, it’s still hard to connect on a regular basis with actual people, in person. So online we go, in search of that one tiny feeling of connection with someone else that thinks even a little bit like me.

Social media has its pros and cons, and you already know them, so we’ll skip that.  One of the benefits of social media is the gathering of people sharing a similar belief or situation.  Add to that the near anonymity of their online avatar (no coincidence in the naming of those, you know), and you have a wonderful sampling of polarity from which to choose yet again. There are lots of great Facebook groups that I believe have saved lives by providing the much-needed connection at a crucial time in someone’s life.

And Facebook has a large number of groups related to anything metaphysical or spiritual that you can imagine.  It’s nearly impossible NOT to find a group related to any subject. Groups can provide that needed image, link or hint that your Higher Self’s been waiting for you to notice, to move you along in your growth.

For Lightworkers, there seems to be a specific cycle related to social media groups.

The Lightworker will search for connection related to a current theme they’re exploring.  Let’s say you’re interested in The Event, or Empathic Abilities.

You find a group, and you sign up.  You read first, to get an idea of the culture.  Learn the protocol.  Then maybe start liking things.  As time progresses, you’ll possibly comment, and internally process reactions to those comments (did you like the validation, or are you afraid of your ego taking over?) as you learn more about your desired subject.

Then, you start to notice the trolls commenting their typically stupid things, and you might get miffed.  Then differing viewpoints can spark an online war between fellows, and you watch on the sidelines shaking your head.  Soon enough, more comments start to incite anger in you, because they just can’t see the big picture, you think. You may start avoiding the group, until finally you just leave it.

Hah, see how even online interaction can make you grow?  It’s all about frequency. You draw the information/person/situation to yourself until the vibrations no longer match.  Then you part.

Subjects that might need processing as you consider leaving an online group:

  • Checking ego.  Is it wanting constant validation that you matter?
  • Arrogance.  Do you think that you are further along than someone else?  Remember it’s a circle.  They could be revolutions ahead of you!
  • Isolation.  Are you using online as a substitute for physical interaction?
  • Trust.  On occasion, online groups spur physical meetings.  How do you feel about meeting someone online?

Once you believe that you have gleaned all you can from your group experience, then leave it with love (not flames!) and move on to the next interest.


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