How Unexamined Thoughts Affect Your Reality

Noise provides building blocks for creation

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In a changing world such as ours, there is a lot of energy vying for our attention.

With all that noise, you are challenged to decide which information you let in, and which you consider irrelevant to your experience. Many thoughts remain unexamined.

Do you remember that this “noise” provides many building blocks for the reality that you create for yourself?

Your minds have been conditioned to believe that one thought “leads” to another, so it seems to you that there is a constant stream of internal monologue going on inside your head.  With most of you surrounded by noise, this process allows your conscious mind so little chance to participate in the conversation.

You have many axioms for this internal stream of thoughts:

  • Mind chatter
  • Overactive imagination
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks

Your mind will have first rights in creating your reality if you give it free rein to run the show.  You will know this has happened when you notice that thoughts are whizzing past your awareness without any examination.  That first thought led to the next, and the next, and then the next thing you know, you’ve dropped the reins and your mental “cart” goes barreling downhill.  Why downhill?

First, let’s get another question out of the way:

How many times has your mind wandered off when you were having good thoughts?

We will surmise that it isn’t many times.  Why is that?

Because you tend to consciously savor those good ideas, and your appreciation of them raises your frequency in the present moment.

When you allow negative thoughts to run rampant without examination, it is because you have not appreciated that first negative thought.  You may wonder why you would want to give a negative thought any further thought at all.  And that is a valid question.

You can appreciate any thought—whether you deem it positive or negative—as a gift from Yourself, to yourself, for the purposes of self-expansion.

You may not like the wrapping that it’s in, while you are still entertaining polarity.  Yet every thought that you have can bring you closer to your desired goal if you acknowledge that it’s there to help move you along, rather than as a hurdle to overcome.

So let’s take a quick look at that first negative idea you had, and why you may have put it there. Chances are, you got caught up in some noise.  Something you saw, or read, or heard, started your mind on a trajectory.

You will find that buried among the first idea that came up, is an inherent question:

“Does this idea we’re having represent the best version of Us, or should we aim elsewhere?”

If you are in the middle of a lot of noise, you may miss this inquiry. However, in a world in which energy is always moving, your lack of a response gives it permission to continue creating on your behalf.  This is acceptable when the thoughts are positive, but when they aren’t…well you know what Universal Law will provide to you.

Should you notice that your mind has been running on a negative path, then stop and notice what is happening.  And then:
Appreciate that you just noticed it!

You are growing! You are diligent! You are dedicated to being the best version of yourself that you can be!

Emphasizing your accomplishments will redirect your frequency back up the vibrational scale.  Continue recalling as many accomplishments as possible, until you feel more at peace.

Now we could leave it here, and you could continue your good feeling thoughts.  But what about that first negative idea you had?  Is it going to come back?

If you are interested in consciously attending to your growth areas so as to not repeat your training, then you may want to obtain as much information from the message as you can. You can trace back the thoughts you had until you arrive at the feeling you were having when they all started.

This feeling went unaddressed.

But you can do it now since everything is happening simultaneously anyway!
Feel what you decided not to feel at the time of that first thought, and then let it go.

Another accomplishment!
More appreciation!
Heightened frequency!

Every time you appreciate your ideas, whether positive or negative, you move yourself closer to the part of You that’s sending yourself all of those thoughts.

As the two of you adapt to each other’s strategy, there will be no need for the cart to ever take off in reckless fashion again.  You’ll both be doing your respective parts, for the benefit of your expansion.

As you become more present-minded, you may choose to reduce the noise around you. When a challenging idea does arrive, you will immediately thank it for its arrival, and you will attend to the feeling that initiated it.  Every experience can be positive when viewed from this vantage point.

We stand in awe of your ability to grow amid so much noise, and we revel in your consistent dedication to making your world a more positive and unified place for all.  We hope that all of your thoughts bring you closer to the best version of Yourself that you can imagine in this moment.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,



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