How to Realize Your Dreams When They Seem Too Big

"No dream is too big when you're creating it all."

We know that you have dreams. We know that many people believe some things are so far out of reach, that they don’t even try to imagine what living those dreams would feel like.

This contraction that you may feel is part of the human expansion process.  You have collectively designed the structure of your corporeal system to register only one of the infinite possibilities you can experience, through your senses. Then, to make it even more fun, you also “stuck” yourselves in Time to realize delays in your dreams.  Then, you added some gnarly beliefs that gave you doubt about some of the possibilities, to up the ante, as you say.

You designed it this way so that you could learn to enjoy your Earthly events all the more, as both “fond memories” and exciting “presents.” 

The human journey from “suffering” to “enjoying” events will take you through various relationships; with people, things and situations.  As you continue to unfold your divinity, your positive outlook will gain momentum.

We in other realms want you to realize your dreams, so we want to give you the “cheat sheet” to get to the good stuff.  Now we can’t do the work for you, but we can give you tools to use as you explore your inner self.

We’d like you to see that many beliefs that you consider fact are also a part of the Earthly system; and are not characteristics of reality itself. 

Your aim is to put “overinflated human concerns” into proportion within the grander part of You.  To see them as merely a human perspective, and not the nature of existence.  What are some of these “overinflated human concerns?”

Here are a few examples:

  • Worrying about what others think of you
  • Feelings of inequality
  • Being a victim of “bad timing”
  • Worrying about every bite you eat
  • Believing that you have “bad luck”

Now, this is not to say that you don’t have feelings surrounding these ideas. If you can identify with any of the examples above, then the human part of you is running your show; and all ideas that spring from such beliefs will create more of the same in your world.

We can boil any human experience down to one primary process:

Everything is simply an idea that you’re having. 

This includes your human existence itself.  It’s an idea that the larger part of you wanted to experience, to feel out.  And You gave part of yourself to be fully present in the experience, in order to dream. And that part is what you humans think of as the individual “you.”

You, my friends, are an idea with a personality.

As your consciousness expands, you will re-allocate yourself in many ways.  You’ll recognize just how large You are, and just how small a portion of that You is in this human form having this human experience.  You’ll then begin to review past events and relationships with new eyes that share a broader view of your reality.

So now that you know that everything can be broken down to an idea, you can start to be more flexible with all of your ideas.  Expand them further than you have before.  Explore them from different angles.  See how ideas you thought were new, were already represented in your world symbolically, awaiting activation.

It’s all here for you, now.  Even those dreams that you found too far-fetched to imagine.  You’ve actually already imagined them, and in doing so, they already exist.  The more ideas you have surrounding your dreams, the more possibilities will open up for you in human form.

My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,