The eyes truly are the Windows to the Soul.

That’s why it’s so hard to stare someone down.  When they are gazing at you, and you are gazing back, the energy can get so intense that someone–and quickly–is likely to back down and divert their eyes.  It’s a soul thing.

Looking into a stranger’s eyes can incite crazy vulnerability in many of us.  I mean, what can they see when they look in my eyes? Can they see my pain? My weakness? My inability to connect with another human in such an intense manner for longer than a minute?  All of our trials, tribulations, and glory can be found in our eyes.  Focusing on another’s eyes allows us to determine on, almost immediately, what kind of person they are.

As you awaken, it’s a great gift to give your soul to another in service.  This means that you will allow them to unconsciously survey your eyes, and determine how trustworthy, how kind, and how compassionate you are.  You’ll be staring into more eyes.  And you will face possible judgment.  Are you OK with that? Do you have things in there that you don’t want another to see?

There are no secrets in a telepathic world.

Here’s a little practice for you.  I’ve included photos of various people.  Can you look into their eyes for a few minutes (yes, minutes!) and comprise a story about them?  Shut your mind off, friends, and use your heart.  Allow those voices in your head to speak, without judging your opinion, about each face. You’ll be surprised how much you can glean about a person in just a few minutes.