How To Be Unique, And Nobody…At The Same Time

Losing the judgment, the labels and the names.

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There is a point inside the larger part of you at which Human and Not-Human meet.

We know you’ve heard this abstract statement before, but what does it really mean?  It comes down to the “smaller” part of you remembering that the “larger” part of you is really running the show.  And thank goodness, because from its wider perspective, it can see through the human game.


In simplified terms, the state of Samadhi is the highest state a consciousness can reach while still bound to a body.  It’s the point where one realizes that we have access to all Universal wisdom; and yet one doesn’t actually need any of that wisdom in order to continue existing.  At the same time, we are Everything…and Nothing.

This state sounds like a tall order in the midst of chaotic Earth life, but you’ve probably been there more times than you know.  It’s the state of “I know that everything is going to be ok, because all of this little stuff won’t matter in the long run.”  The recognition that all of the human condition is fleeting:  the body, the intellect, and every single Earthly problem that you’ve ever experienced.  So what remains?

YOU do, eternally.

Learning to be Unique and Nobody at the same time

With Earth’s trend toward authenticity and individual uniqueness, one wonders how this fits into this whole Nothingness deal.  Are we supposed to strive to be SOMEONE, or to be NO ONE?

As previously mentioned, in any given moment, you are both SOMEONE and NO ONE, simultaneously.  Another Universal paradox to contemplate!

For while you’re incarnated into a unique human form—one chosen based on pre-defined Earthly conditions (such as inherent talents, the family structure you’re born into, and physical “imperfections”), as well as your beliefs about yourself as you go along through life—you have access to all of the Everything that there is to choose from.  All the proclivities, all the skills, all the challenges.  And yet none of these are really YOU.

Consider yourself a portion of God, wearing a costume for a while.

There isn’t a human reading this article that hasn’t contemplated what happens when we leave the body behind.  So who are we without that costume?  We are Nothing again, with respect to form.  Pure energy, enhanced by the experiences we’ve just had while incarnated.   But you’re not dead yet; so how do you leverage your Earthly experiences now, for maximum growth on all levels of your existence? That’s where the uniqueness comes in.

You and your Higher Self collaborate.

During those times of contemplation about whether you are Something or Nothing, the Something that is you gets to consult with the Nothing part of yourself.  And together, you formulate the most authentic version of YOU that you can access in this Now.  You’ll pull down your Higher Self’s qualities; and while you’re traipsing around on Earth in your costume, you will create experiences in order to master them:


Goodbye criticism!  You’ll learn to refrain from judging anyone else’s costume, while being OK if someone else judges yours.  That includes patience when you accidentally judge yourself.


No labels

When you know Who You Really Are, you understand the fleeting moments in which you’re wearing your costume.  You will embody the present moment more, no longer needing to compare yourself to others.  When the labels go, equality returns.  Many defining characteristics will lose their importance:  older people aren’t necessarily more wise, and youth isn’t without its experience. And animals are certainly not stupid.


Goodbye Names

Can you imagine a world in which names are no longer important?  They, too are labels—and unique ones—but I separated them here because they won’t ever be completely gone—at least as long as the IRS sticks around—but their time is limited on the most advanced Earth timelines.  Your energetic apparatus can recognize another person’s signature in a moment’s notice.  You already practice these skills when you meet someone that you know that you’ve met before…even if you can’t remember the circumstances surrounding that meeting.  Signatures provide layers of information that render names irrelevant, for you’ll be experiencing both the EVERYTHING part (“Oh look! Another divine instance of Source just like me”) and the NOTHING part (“Oh and he’s wearing a human costume too”) in the blink of an eye.


Seeing beyond the costume

By practicing the mastery of non-judgment, abandoning labels and placing less importance on a name and more importance on the energetic signature of whomever you are interacting with, you and your Higher Self will be relating to others from a state closer to Samadhi.  You’ll see past the temporary stuff, and into the Universal portion.  Soul, to Soul.  Everything to Everything, and Nothing to Nothing as well.

Being NOBODY is actually quite freeing; it takes all that outdated societal pressure off of your tired shoulders, and deepens the connection in your interactions. This is true uniqueness, for no two signatures–like snowflakes–are alike.  How refreshing is that?



Author: Kimberly

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