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The path of awakening entails the traveling through a number of perspectives about life.  Each perspective is built on the previous one, and you continue to view the world from broader perspectives as you awaken.

If you were wearing glasses, you’d be starting with sunglasses, moving through clearer glasses, until your vision improves so much that you no longer need glasses at all, to see the world around you.*

Let’s simplify it here by assuming that our awakening process begins from a completely unconscious state to one of inward introspection, allowing you to see the world from many different angles, through increasingly clearer lenses.

People who “see” better make kinder choices.

They can recognize the many options available to them, focus upon one, and create with their power.

Each time one of us creates something new, from our particular viewpoint, using our given talents, there’s a time and signature stamp put on our creation and it’s submitted to the Universe.  That unique moment has never occurred before, will never occur exactly in that way again, and is now a new option—of all the available options—for every single conscious being to access when they are confronted with a choice.

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Thank you for your contribution, Lightworker, and here’s to clearer vision.


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*I describe these progressions through perception, or states of consciousness, in my upcoming book. More info about it in about a month.