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Awakened beings are fully accepting of the paths of others.

No matter how ass-backwards they may look to us, each individual has chosen his own journey through light and dark, doubt and trust, and recognition of his own power.

Since every option exists already, there are so many to choose from that no human needs to tread on a previously-treaded path of expansion.  That’s the fun of it: you get to make decisions based on what you want, and others do as well.

Now our society would have you think otherwise.  The media is great for letting you know which path they think you should follow: one of fear, submission and suffering.  After all, you buy their stuff when you are in that state.

When you wake up and realize that the well-trodden path of our history hasn’t worked—ever!—then you pull yourself back into your own power, and start thinking (and feeling) for yourself.

That’s when shit gets fun.

Which brings me to emptiness.

Here, I define emptiness as the ability to trust your Higher Self without force-feeding your life with impotent, non-serving actions. You allow yourself to be guided in the direction your soul has intended to go, and you observe the path from a place of wonder within.

It’s the ability to observe yourself, and others, as fully-functioning individuals who don’t need your human interference to evolve.

It’s embracing that ego that has been running the show for all these years.

Notice that I didn’t use aggressive words, like “battling” and “fighting” the ego.  It’s not leaving you; it’s part of your human existence, and it has its function within our thought-based world.  But it was never meant to be a decision-maker.

So you embrace your ego, like you would a stubborn child that stomps its feet on the ground in a temper-tantrum.  You recognize that it’s just doing what you’ve let it get away with all this time, and now you are changing your patterns.  It will adjust, I promise you.

When you feel yourself about to judge, compare, or preach about what you think someone should be or do, curb that temper tantrum, and focus on observation instead.  Ask to be guided, and let go and trust that.  Be empty.

And just as we use diversions to change the attention of a rebelling child, do the same for yourself.  Put your attention on things that incite wonder.  Keep your attention there until your frequency rises to allow in the fun, the intrigue, the pure design of life, rather than the petty things.

This is being empty.


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