How Body Work Helps You Ascend

You’ve heard the phrase: “We are our own worst enemy.” While it may sound a little harsh, there is some truth in that.

In order to ascend, we need to be clear channels for the energy of the universe to flow through. We need to be free of negative thoughts and emotions; we need to rid ourselves of blockages to our ascension. Think of a helium balloon tied to a post: that post is keeping the balloon hovering at a fixed and restricted level. If the balloon doesn’t escape this anchor, it will eventually start losing helium and, as a result, start descending. Only by releasing itself from the post that is holding it back can it fulfill its destiny and ascend.

But here’s the thing: the post isn’t holding the balloon down. The balloon is TIED to the post. It is the string to which the balloon is attached that is really and truly holding itself down. The post is just what it’s grabbed onto to accomplish that.

Now, we all know a balloon can’t untie its own string; it has no agency (not to mention thumbs.) But, you do! You can!

Our inner saboteurs—doubt, low self-worth, laziness—are the number one obstacles to us realizing our dreams rather than our nightmares, to living our best lives. Fortunately, that means we are also the ones with the greatest power to remove the obstacles in our path to the fulfillment of those desires.

And, body work can help.

You’ve also heard the phrase: “Get out of your head.” Body work is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

By literally, physically training their attention on your body and fueling it with positive emotions, body workers allow you to do the same-strengthening and expanding that energy exponentially. With the help of another, you deprive your negative thought patterns of your mental energy, you replace your harmful, hurtful emotions, not to mention harmful toxins, with positive, healing thoughts, emotions and energies.

Body work essentially comprises any and all forms of healing touch or energy given from one person (or more than one) to another. It includes things like:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Sacral Cranial Therapy
  • Reiki

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It contains the cell memory of all our past lives. By receiving positive energy from another on and through the skin we can unblock blockages and restore balance to the energy centers in our bodies-or our chakras-and restore free, full, and healing flow. We can also access all those past lives, reconnecting ourselves to our eternal, immortal spirit and, thereby, helping it to ascend.

The Chakras

There are seven chakras innate to every human being, each corresponding to a different organ system of the body and different energies, as follows:

  1. Root chakra – Base of the spine; grounding, stability, physical identity
  2. Sacral chakra – Above the public bone and below the belly button; pleasure, sexuality, creativity
  3. Solar plexus chakra – Abdomen/stomach; confidence, self-esteem
  4. Heart chakra – Heart; love, compassion
  5. Throat chakra – Throat; communication, self-expression
  6. Third-eye chakra – Between the eyes; intuition, imagination
  7. Crown chakra – Top of the head; spiritual connection to oneself, other beings, and the universe

Each chakra, in sequence from the root upward to the crown, represents a higher level of energy; a higher state of consciousness. Energy, therefore, moves progressively from the lower to the higher chakras. If there is a blockage in any one of the chakras, however, that energy gets stuck, preventing it from ascending to the crown chakra.


The energy that flows through us—our life force, chi or prana, among other names for it—is our purest selves. It permeates through and around our bodies and connects us with our source in the All-One that is the universe. With the help of body work for unblocking and rebalancing that life force, we can allow it, the universe, our truest selves, to flow through and around us, supporting and buoying us as we ascend.

Sage Kalmus

Author: Sage Kalmus

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