Change is the natural state of the Universe. Each time you think a new thought, try something new, or take a different route to work, you are experiencing change. And then there’s the change that hits you upside the head, too.

Awakened beings understand this, and although we may still fight tooth and nail when the change is unexpected, deep down we crave it, because that’s the fodder for our expansion.

So what happens if you swing to the opposite end of the spectrum and you welcome it with open arms?

The answer:  All good things.

How you integrate change depends on your state of being.  You can view change in several ways, including:

  • You can be excited for new opportunities, people and experiences to enter your life.
  • You could be fearful of the unknown.
  • You could use change as an escape from having to address a situation.

There is no right or wrong, because with each of the above examples, you are bound to grow.  Some paths are just more arduous than others.

That’s the beauty of creation.  You get to choose what you want to experience.  For me, I now embrace change consciously, because I spent so many years enduring abrupt change through the lens of a victim.

Each new opportunity, no matter how disruptive it may be, gives you the chance to further define yourself.  So rock on, my badass friends, and embrace that shit.


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author: Kimberly

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