Happening Now: Solar Plexus Adjustments

Fear is another construct of the Earthly existence

hot air balloon in sky

These are exciting times on your planet.  We watch as humanity begins to realize its true nature; and with this, comes a little bit of discomfort while you rebalance your collective solar plexus.

We do want to emphasize that we also feel the suffering along with you.  Although we can view these events from a perspective that all experiences are chosen by the individuals encountering them, we certainly recognize how some feelings are so intense that they seem as if they will sweep your whole self away with them.

Humans have historically accepted fear as a characteristic of reality, rather than as a chosen experience.  

We are here to tell you that your planet is being nudged into acceptance, and then release, of this fear…and as a result will discover that fear was merely a cardboard construct on your game board. Once you remember your nature as eternal beings, you can appreciate your human incarnation as an adventure into your emotions, intended to propel you along your path of expansion.

What better way to learn more about yourselves, than to pretend that something is out to get you!

Those fearful feelings certainly feel real; and although we don’t experience fear in the same manner that you do, we do feel intense feelings and on more levels than merely the physical. Your bodies, too, are beginning to deliver these multidimensional sensations; and you can trace them back to thoughts you’ve been projecting outwards into your world.

So what is going on in that area?

This summer has been packed full of energetic activations in the solar plexus area, supporting inspection of one’s self-image, one’s place within a group, and of comparison between Self and Others. 

Do you feel that your life is more—or less—valuable than those others in your world?

If your answer was either “more” or “less” valuable, then you may be due for some rebalancing in the solar plexus area.  For “equal” is what humanity is aiming for at this time.  This means that all life will be considered equally valuable…including yours.

How you feel about yourself, about others, and about the state of the humanity as a collective, is stored largely in your solar plexus energy center. 

If you have some clearing to do about such themes, then you can expect some assistance from friends on other planes during this time.

You could feel:

  • Tugging or tapping in the center of your back
  • Heartburn
  • Bloating
  • Seeing the color yellow
  • Tickling, pulsing, or palpitations in your gut area

You may be presented with physical challenges surrounding your place in society in the form of job changes, for instance; about the authenticity of your self-image; and regarding groups that you belong to. 

A well-balanced solar plexus will support the acceptance of inclusion, diversity, and enhanced desire for collaboration. You are losing your sense of separation!

There may be some extended sleep episodes while you and the collective work out some imbalances in the dream state.  Good!  Attending to them on these planes can preclude disruptive chaos from actualizing in the physical.  So rest!

If the feelings get heavy, use a visualization to remind yourself that you are making upward-moving progress:

Imagine yourself in a hot air balloon. You are excited to see the landscape from your higher perspective!  You’ve packed a picnic lunch, perhaps stowed a bottle of wine; and have filled up the balloon with hot gas.  You climb into the basket and prepare to take flight.  But what is holding you to the ground?  There are sandbags all around, doing their intended job of weighing you down.

In order to rise, you must leave those sandbags behind.  One at a time, you cut them loose, and your balloon rises.  Into the sunlight you go, with your extended view and clearer air, and a picnic to enjoy while you float into the next octave.

Remember that you are never alone! You are taking part in a wonderfully natural process that provides a multitude of growth opportunities in the living of it. We also have experienced this upliftment while in physical form; and we know what magical experiences await you when you leave those sandbags behind.


Our love to you from Far Away and Very Near,