Happening Now: Goodbye Sunglasses

girl with crystal sunglasses

Soon, squinting will be a thing of the past.

Back in the Old World (1995), the Pleiadians told us that our eyes would someday adjust to the sun’s rays, but we covered them with sunglasses. A test of your belief systems, to be sure; for when you’re “stuck” down here in the physical, evolution takes eons to occur.  But can evolution happen within the span of a single lifetime?

In Barbara Marciniak’s book, Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, we heard of various physical improvements to the physical body during our upward shift in frequency.  The guides advised that our eyes will eventually adapt to the sun’s bright rays; no more retina-burning sensations on a bright day.

In the Old World, the Sun was an unpredictable force to fear.  It gave you cancer. It burnt your skin if you didn’t slather chemicals on it. Oh and be careful! It will kill you if you soak up too many rays. I call this Sunphobia, although “heliophobia” is the commonly-accepted term for the often irrational fear of sunlight. With Sunphobia, we’re looking deeper than just the physical experience: we’re going symbolic. Why are we afraid of sunlight?

The Collective uses the Sun to explore polarity regarding the core of physical existence: Survival.

Most humans consider the Sun’s alleged threats to our very survival as fact, thus perpetuating physical evidence of oppression in their reality.

But just as the Sun is a destructive force, it is also a life-giving force.  In fact, few of us could live for too long without it. Here we get to travel the full spectrum of beliefs (pun intended) about the Sun’s intentions.  Does it want to nurture us? Or will it obliterate us if we fail to revere it?

Integrating Sunphobia

As you rebalance yourself and recognize your role as a creator, you’ll have access to explore the symbolic references from both a subjective, and an objective, point of view.  You’ll understand the Sun’s symbolic role in your life, and you will no longer fear that some big ball of gas 91.6 million miles away has any power over you.

Your physical (and emotional) eyes will cease to consider the Sun as a tyrannical force, and your Sunphobia will subside.

And soon, you’ll look straight at this entity with awe…this Sun that’s created legions of awesome dawns and dusks, coloring so many of our memories.  And the best part?

You can feel that awe coming right back at you.

The Eyes As Windows To The Soul

For when your eyes are open, the sunlight (information) that has been beaming down at you for all of your Earthly lifetimes now has a clear channel to the larger part of you…through your eyes.  Your openness to collaboration makes you an attractive force for more information and assistance from not only the Sun, but from beings in other shapes and forms that match your frequency.  Hint:  that’s when you see more of the entities that exist around you.

If You’re Still Squinting

Physical upgrades happen at their own pace for each individual.  You’re developing yourself holographically, so worrying about when something like this will happen in linear time will keep you in a 3D perspective. If you still need sunglasses, so what?  They’re cool, fun, and they help you define your personal image.  Think about it: there are few accessories that humans are as picky about as their sunglasses.

Have you ever wondered why?


Love to you.



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