Happening Now: Friday the 13th Release

Man standing alone in forest

Was that a “Friday the 13th” fear popping in?  Nah, I didn’t think so.

You’re past that superstition stuff now….right?  If it did, it’s just old Orion energy, skipping in for a visit.  Many of us brought lower-energy focus into this incarnation for the purpose of exploring what it would be like to let it go. I call this rebalancing, but others may call it healing. Friday the 13th has even got its own phobia designation:  triskaidekaphobia.

On the Earth plane, the number 13 has gotten a bad rap since Jesus’ last supper.  That 13th guest was the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bad luck since the symbolic connections go back much further: to our incarnations in the Orion star system. Humanity’s bank of symbols (common archetypes we’ve programmed for use in 3D existence) has assigned the number 13 to Orion energy, and we’ve collectively–and sometimes unconsciously—agreed to that association.


When we continuously activate a symbol in our awareness, we give it strength.

It stays in our creational toolbox and is available for use in any new creation: positive, negative, or otherwise.

If you are able to recognize the number 13’s emphasis on powerlessness, then you can release its (and any other superstition’s) hold on you.  You’re divine!  It’s just a symbol.  A story to get you to investigate, consider, feel, thank and release your beliefs about how powerful a creator you are.

So give that dark part of yourself a big hug.  Laugh at it if you can.  Use the symbol for other purposes if you want, as I did here.

And remember who you are:  The One Creating It All.  Maybe you just like haunted houses better than fairyland.  It’s OK, they’re both safe.



author: Kimberly

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