Happening Now:  Anger Alchemy

Explore your anger and see how you can use it to everyone’s advantage.

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Your frequency’s been steady; you’re finally settling into this awakening thing. Then…some annoying triggering event pops in to jeopardize your mojo.

Where you were sending out love bombs yesterday, now anger has taken hold, and you feel like you’ve been derailed.

“I thought I was past all this,” you might say.  Not so fast, habitual human.  Let’s transcend the self-spanking phase and go deeper.

You can learn to ride that “anger train”, AND to enjoy positive results from the trip.

Let’s take an example.  Here’s a photo of two cars in my parking garage.  Mine is Harmony, the Porsche on the right.  She’s parked in her spot, within the lines, leaving as much room as possible for our neighbor…or so I thought.

The other car didn’t quite follow the guidelines.  She’s parked in my space.

When I observed this, oh the rage.  It boiled up in me like steam, fueling my “anger train”: a mass of tears, a sense of violation, and frustration at the whole damn state of humanity.  “What is with people?”…and with that one thought, the old, familiar dark cloud descended on my world…all initiated by a careless parking job.

So what’s the big deal?

Most people are unaccustomed to observing their anger.

Because we hesitate to actually feel our feelings, the unexamined mind will habitually find more reasons to support this darkness.  Old-World behavior often includes retaliation; whether in words, in deeds, through dagger-glances, or (my favorite), silent internal seething.

But you, awakening soul, have begun to observe yourself; and you are on a quest to rewire these old habits. You don’t want to send your anger back out, but you don’t want to swallow it either.

As you awaken, your perspective will shift: from reacting to external occurrences (“She did that to me!”) to taking responsibility for the trigger (“I created this situation for myself.”) You will want to get yourself back to feeling good as soon as possible, all the while learning the lesson that the trigger has introduced.

Fuming over any triggering person or event becomes pointless.  It’s a waste of energy if you are aiming for a positive timeline. You want to grow from the experience, and move on.

So now you’ll explore the anger, to see how you can use it to everyone’s advantage.


You can experience your anger by tuning in with all of your newly-activated abilities.

  • Maybe you see colors.
  • Perhaps you smell something or have a taste in your mouth.
  • Maybe you find yourself anxiously pacing the room. 
  • Maybe a particular sound–such as a siren–appears “coincidentally” every time you feel like this.

But the best part:

You’ll check with your heart, which is your most trusted source.  

Perhaps the human part of you might be hesitant to go there, concerned that you’ve fallen off the tracks:  “What did I do wrong to bring in this unwanted thing?”  You’re still expecting that spanking.

Go anyway.  For you may be surprised at what you find there.

Rather than that sinking feeling of perceived failure, you will probably get a green light.  This might feel weird, based on previous associations that triggers are bad things.  Rewire that doubt: you are still on your path of awakening, and this event is helping you along.

You ARE on the tracks.  And you’re moving along quite well, thanks to this new blast of steam.

But as we evolve, won’t we avoid anger?

Nope.  Anger is a motivating force.  You will learn how to use your anger, and any other “bad” feeling, in loving ways…and in your own unique way.

Maybe it’s art.

Maybe it’s volunteering.

Maybe it’s climbing a mountain.

Maybe it’s challenging you to write the kindest, clearest note to a neighbor who may have just been tired while parking her car late one night.


The learning process of transforming “negative” energy into “positive” energy asserts a belief in the root assumption of polarity. 

As you gradually recall that polarity is simply an idea that we’re all agreeing upon for a while, then you can relax the rules, and use the forces of polarity to serve others. 

So have fun with it.  Consider the divine comedy in the whole thing, for issuing any force with infused levity you will bring more levity into your field.  

This may include standing up for yourself, like I had to do. I left my neighbor a kind request to be mindful of others’ space.  Perhaps she needed exactly that message in her life, and I was the one that delivered that message in love, not in retaliation. There were also a few extra inches on the other side of my car which could be put to use next time I park, allowing even more room for garage mates to share the space in an already tight parking situation.

If you get stuck as to which action to take regarding any trigger, check in on the Highest Version of Yourself. 

How would that person use this energy?  (Spoiler alert: It will be in love.) Starting with love will open up all manner of solutions that didn’t occur to you while you were engulfed in that cloud of darkness.


The New Earth that you’re looking for requires feeling.  And that’s all feelings, not just the good ones. How you use the force behind those feelings is what determines your Earth experience.

This is how you expand the Universe.  Love to you.



author: Kimberly

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