Flying High Yesterday? Crashed Down Today?

Earth is a master class planet.  That means that only badass souls get the chance to live out lives here, due to the massive amounts of duality that exist.

I know when I hear that, my ego kicks in, and my chest puffs out because I’m special.  Then I remember that we are all special, and who is special on a circular ladder anyway? So after I check the ego back in place, I think deeper about why the hell I would choose such a challenging existence.

On Earth, we have a full spectrum of choices, from the insanely positive (joy, bliss, compassion) to the fucking awful (hatred, greed, self-righteousness) and everything in between.  We can look at any situation and decide from which vantage point on that spectrum we want to view it.  We get to choose our attitude and behavior in those circumstances, based on our state of being.

And awakened people strive to choose the highest state of being, or vibration, that we have access to.  So why do negative things still happen to us, then?  Why, when we are showing gratitude to the world for our very existence, and we see all of the signs that we’re on the right track, and we feel aligned, do we still run into situations that don’t go our way?

Awakening is about remembering that we live in an illusion, and that even when we’re flying high, other people around us are choosing to crash down because they want that experience for their expansion.

And the more we focus on the negative instances with others crashing down, guess where we go too?  That’s why one day you can be on top of the world, and the next day, you want to jump off of a tall building. If you continue focusing on why your day didn’t go well, you will bring more things to not go well.

So today, watch your focus.  You are now a master manifester.  Gone are the days of that long delay in between your thoughts and the realization of it in your physical existence.  There will always be the option to focus on the negative—that’s free will—but if you intend to maintain your highest frequency, consciously shift your focus away from the negative that presents itself to you, onto what you DO want.


Earth Energy:






666 (Maintain spiritual / physical balance)

2 (Have faith in your role as a creator)