Flushed Face? Put It Front And Center

"Better out than in."

sunset in rear view mirror

Your Larger Self sends you messages through bodily sensations.

Although communication such as a cold index finger may initially feel disruptive to your physical vehicle, these signals do serve multiple purposes.

  • To bring attention to energy variations within your field
  • To solidify the associations you are forming with other energies
  • To activate and diversify latent communication channels

The five senses that you use on a regular basis are only a small number of the available sensory options for which your body is equipped.  You are just getting started as a collective in the reactivating of those latent senses.

So here comes a new, fun sensation!
A red-hot flushed face.

Now humans will generally have a “biological” explanation for sensory behavior such as a burning hot face.  In fact, during your deepest stages of amnesia, empirical evidence was the only acceptable explanation for any occurrence; you were so enamored of your physical role that you never even considered alternate possibilities.  Yet now that you’re rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you can see much clearer now.  You recognize that there is always more than one explanation for everything and that nothing ever truly originates in the physical.

Interestingly enough, you may notice a correlation between today’s sensation of a flushed face, with an earlier detail of the cold index finger.

Both of these sensations are associated with the concept of “circulation.”

Does this bring anything up in you?

Here’s our opinion on this association:  It’s time to move some energy around in there.

You know that the way to rid your field of undesirable beliefs is by facing them head-on.  So let’s get into an internal stare-down with something you’ve been avoiding lately.

No more pushing things aside, you will say.  For doing so makes them boil over, while they are waiting for you on that back burner.

Oh, when that blood gets to boiling.  It really gets a human to make changes!  So face it you will, in order to get on with the joy, because you know that you have a right to live your life in joy.

This willingness makes those things much easier to face. You’re taking responsibility for your thoughts; for past and present behavior, and also for crafting the future that you want to see.

So if you find your literal face flushing nice and hot, ask yourself what you may need to face.

Is it something you’ve been putting aside, and perhaps today is the perfect day to address it?

If so, excellent!  This is progress!

If you can’t think of anything, then perhaps what you need to face is the acknowledgment of your own accomplishments.  We do believe that most of you don’t give yourselves nearly enough credit for taking on such an expansive role in these times.   So in either case, congratulations!  This, too, is progress!

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My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,