Your Personal Dollhouse

man sitting at typewriter in dollhouse

You are an entire Universe, all by yourself.

Your experience is your own, and is not like anyone—anyone!—else’s.  All others see through their own set of lenses, which will never entirely match your own. These different perspectives create completely different realities for the individual experiencing them. So let’s take a look at your Personal Universe from a fun angle: Imagine yourself living in a dollhouse.

Look around the room you’re in.  See the things, and other people, in relation to you.

Now, imagine the room as just one room in a dollhouse. Change your point of view so that you are looking down into the dollhouse, and you see a miniature version of yourself, those things, and maybe other people, in the room.

Your room is of course part of a larger scenario; it’s attached to other rooms, and to other houses, on streets, in cities. You can survey any part of the landscape from this new point of view.

You can extend it further if you like, to include all of Earth, and the solar system, and beyond.


Everything that you can imagine is your own personal reality.

All of what you can view is your personal Universe and is part of You. Anyone else in you see in your dollhouse, or the landscape surrounding it has been invited there, to visit your reality, by You.  They are also parts of You while they are visiting.

Just as if you were playing with a physical miniature dollhouse, you can view your personal Universe similarly. Feel the possibility of wandering around safely within it; perhaps moving some furniture around here and there, perhaps changing rooms, houses, or even planets for a while.

Under the guise of dollhouse play, you can see the beauty and the joy of being there, rather than feeling imprisoned or continuously searching for a way out.


If you can imagine it, it is possible for you.
If you believe it, it is true for you.

So move some furniture around.  Rearrange things to suit your fancy.  Love everything that you see in your environment, for it’s there to serve you and those that you invite in.

Be in joy, my friends.  All my love to you, and beyond.  I look forward to visiting your personal Universe very soon if you’ll invite me.



Flora is channeled by Kimberly Darwin



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