Fixing Electronics with Your Energy

how to fix electronics with your energy

We, as creators of our own reality, really did a good job in making this physical reality look so solid.  Yet it’s really not solid at all.

It’s just energy, focused in such a way that the hologram appears indisputable.  That’s using some pretty ninja creative skills, right there. But the 3D reality we’ve been living in during these lifetimes on Earth is simply an illusion, and we, as Lightworkers, needed to immerse ourselves in this solidity and impermeability to understand what humanity experiences as their one and only reality.  So what about those really solid-seeming things, like electronics?

In our more natural state, this stuff is obvious.  But bring on the veil of Earthly incarnation to shroud us in forgetfulness, until that time we are triggered to search for our truth.

This means that those things around you–including electronics–are fields of energy, and are malleable.

The furniture, the food, and the images you hang on your wall.  And, your electronics.

Lucky me, I was blessed or cursed as I used to think, with the ability to fix electronics by laying my hand on them.  I used to think that taking them apart and putting them back together was what fixed whatever was broken, but then one day the thermostat went out in my house, rendering the air conditioning inoperable.  In Arizona in July. Dangerous.

So I changed the battery; still no thermostat.  Pressed the button 10 more times, because the first 9 times didn’t do the trick.

I sensed my frustration rising:

“What a pain in the ass to have to call the service guy, who is going to ream me for every penny I have because it’s the high season for service” escalated quickly to gripping fear that I would die of heat stroke, and who would take care of my horses?  Even something as mundane as a malfunctioning thermostat is enough to trigger us into old patterns of doom and misery, keeping us trapped in circular thought patterns.

Do you see how belief systems can mess with you before you have a chance to really assess a situation? 

The story ends well, though.  I took some breaths and I went back to that part of me that KNOWS that everything would be all right.  I didn’t have to know the details; just that the worst doesn’t happen in every situation.

I put my hands on the thermostat, stated my intention that “I appreciate air conditioning in the hot Arizona desert,” and 3 seconds later, on it went.

Your environment is that malleable; it’s merely your belief that it isn’t that keeps that ability hidden from you.

And guess what I did when my coffee maker died last week?  Yup, up and running in no time. The laying on of hands works for appliances too.

So next time an electronic fails, try sending it some appreciation for its contribution to your life.  Energy is energy, and it returns to you what you send out. </Drinks coffee>



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