Fish: Evolutionary Masters

"I was born with navigational tools"

Have you ever spent any time underwater in the ocean?  We know that it is a passion for many, engaging with the various beings that spend their physical existence there.

The water itself, the life-giving material that helps sustain beings such as fish, has its own existence too.  Just as you have chosen physical bodies to represent who you are, water’s essence exists and chooses its own properties to manifest in the physical.  Such properties are represented by the currents, the temperature, the saltiness, the color, and the waves that you enjoy riding, to name a few.

If you watch the fish swimming together down there, you’ll see them navigate all of the water’s properties.  Sometimes the undertow helps to propel them forward.  Sometimes that undertow pulls them in the opposite direction from that which they are swimming, and the fish seem to float backward.

Sharks of the Atlantic on

One thing I’ve noticed about your Earthly fish is that even when the water pulls them in that opposite direction, the fish never freak out.

They stay pointing forward for the most part, and when the water again reverses its direction, they move forward.

Now with a brief nod to the symbolic ebb and flow adage and how it benefits you to be easy about such things, let’s take a deeper look at the fish themselves.

You will see that many fish swim in “schools.”

Just as you humans are connected through the air that you believe exists between your bodies, fish are connected with–and by– the water.  Among their life challenges are the learning to coexist within their environment, as well as the honing of communication skills utilizing the properties of water, such as with the use of sonar.

Let’s go back to our undercurrent.  As shown in this video, when a school of fish swimming together encounters the undertow, you will see all of the fish move backward at the same rate.  Little ones, big ones, doesn’t matter.  Everyone together, shifting in that symbolically infamous ebb and flow.

Then they’ll improvise together, perhaps darting off to the side in unison.  How do they know how to do this?

Well, my friends, they are using the properties of their environment to communicate with one another, just as telepathy works through your “air” in the form of what you call radio signals.

You surely know the physics of how radio signals work, correct?  Most of you will probably admit that you don’t, and yet you still believe in the effects of them.  Even if the physics is outside of your understanding, you are still able to utilize the concept because you believe that it is true.

Likewise, the fish never question if the water will fail in its life-giving capacity; and in their complete trust, it always works. Even if the conducting properties change, such as in a storm, the fish inherently know how to navigate those choppy waters to avoid peril.

You, too, are able to continually trust in your journey without knowing what’s coming next.

Humanity is certainly a big “school,” and you don’t have to look too far to see a fellow swimmer by your side.  Just as the water connects the fish within the school, so do the properties of your Earth system connect you to all of the consciousness surrounding you.  You are in this together, for a reason:

Remember that you are never swimming alone!

My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,