Figuring Out the Lesson in Any Situation

Ask yourself the right question, and the answer will come

Figuring out why things happen to you
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So you’ve meditated, journaled, threw things, drank yourself silly, complained to anyone who will listen—and you still can’t figure out why something happened to you.

Usually, at least ONE of these tactics will help you determine the lesson behind any situation, but there are times when you just can’t pull it out of yourself.  Of course, the more you push, the worse it gets.  The more stressful you get, the more short-tempered or teary-eyed you become, frustration sets in and you are just spinning your wheels in a cloud of smoke.

I mean, you’re trying to grow, dammit!  Why isn’t the Universe giving you answers?

Perhaps you could try rewording the question.

Instead of:

“WHY did this happen to me?”


“Life, what is it that you’re trying to teach me here?”

It’s a very subtle but important difference.  In the first question, you are pushing against life for an answer.  In the second question, you’re asking for an answer to make itself clear.

As you awaken, you will learn that trust is a key player in life.  Most of us have trust issues, because if you’ve been on Earth for any serious length of time, then you’ve been betrayed in some way.

As such, it’s pretty understandable that you don’t trust Life, either.  You may feel that you must mold any event towards the outcome that you want; and you can, if you want to push that hard.  Or, you could let Life show you the exactly perfect scenario for your growth.  It’s going to happen anyway, so giving your trust to the Universe will make that ride much smoother.

Your answer could come in many forms.  It could be words, a photo that shows up and sparks a memory that you feel into, or another situation could present itself to you so that you can recognize it real-time.

Letting it in helps you finally get it OUT, and then you can ask Life for the next experience from your newly-enlightened perspective.


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