Feeling Abandoned? Why They Chose to Leave You

No relationship is ever an accident, and no separation is either.

As you learn when you wake up, relationships are created in order for you to learn more about yourself. Every person that you meet, whether it is for one minute or 50 years, is a mirror reflection back to you so that you can make choices about who you want to be. This is how we grow. So why this separation, then?

And why would someone that loves you, leave?

Relationships last for as long as they are supposed to, based on your soul’s theme for this lifetime. It is a human notion that relationships should last forever or they are considered a failure.

That is linear thinking, supported by institutions that benefit from you feeling abandoned.

However from the broader perspective of your oversouls, this is acknowledgment that you’ve both accomplished your mission together.

On the Earthly plane, it just appears as a breakup, a fight, or a scandal, or even death.

But to your souls, this is cause for celebration, because when one relationship ends such as this, a new one will replace it. This will be a person who is more equal to your vibration and is right for mirroring your next theme back to you. Continued progression through yourself.  That’s what’s happening.

Don’t forget also, that the experience your soul is wishing to have in mourning the loss of that person.  So make sure to process that sadness and feeling of abandonment, or you’ll be receiving another opportunity to mourn again.

When it comes to death, this can be painful. When a body dies, the soul always has the opportunity to return back to its current incarnation—to come back to Earth.

So why would they choose not to come back to you? Knowing that the choice not to come back was a conscious one, those feelings of abandonment feel multiplied. The lesson remains the same, in that you both had accomplished your growth goals for that relationship. From its perspective, it knows that it will always be with you. Even if you are unconscious of it while in your human body. There is always love.

Souls are always connected, even if your human self forgets that right now.

And you can rest assured that the next new opportunity for you will be coming soon.



author: Kimberly

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