Everything is an Idea Happening Through You

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The thoughts you have form your reality.

You manifest your desires and your fears–you call them to you by thinking them into existence and then using your emotion about them as fuel to propel them toward you.  You create using your ideas.

The external world is a projection of internal beliefs.

Think of it for a moment, as though there are two worlds. (There’s really just one, but in our frame of reference and for the sake of this discussion, it’s split into two.) There’s your internal universe and the external universe.

Your internal universe is made up of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs; the external universe is made up of the physical manifestations of the consensual externalized projections of our collective internal universes. In other words: we each have an inner, personal world and, together, we use them as building blocks to form the outer world we all share.

So, your internal universe is subjective; the external universe seems objective.

In your internal universe is conscious creation at the Oversoul or Higher-Self level; in the external world is the physical reality perceived as separate from the internal world even though it really isn’t. Our internal worlds are reacting to our external world, and our external world “realizes” those reactions–perceiving them as desires-as your intentions.

Remember, the universe always wants to give you what IT THINKS you want. If you want something different, you have to tell it so. You have the responsibility to yourself to make your intentions clearer. And, now you know how.

So, to those who protest: “You can’t tell me that I created this–’pain, chaos, heartache, trauma’–in my life.” No, I’m not calling you a masochist or a martyr. Because you’re no victim; you’re the perpetrator. It is you and you alone creating your reality.

Notice how, earlier, I said you manifest your fears as well as your desires. That’s because, when you put emotion behind an idea, you give it strength and shape. You see it in your mind’s eye. And, this is a positive universe only. That means, there are no negatives in the universe, and as such, wanting “NOT that” is the same to the universe as wanting “THAT.”

All the universe knows is that you’ve visualized this thing in impeccable detail, fixated on its potential to be real, and backed that clear and distinct fixation with strong emotion. To the universe, that idea is a recipe for manifestation.

The consequence of having an idea combined with emotion is the physical manifestation of that perceived intention.

If you don’t want to manifest things you don’t want, don’t feed them your thoughts and emotions; don’t give them free real estate in your brain. Don’t fixate on what they’ll look and feel like if (read: when) they happen. Fixate instead on what you WANT to happen. Visualize THOSE things into existence, and use your strong POSITIVE emotions to call them to you.

This gives you agency over your own life. It plucks you out of the role of being the victim of your life; falling prey to whatever life (seems to) throw at you.

Why “seems to”?

Because, since you’ve been paying attention this whole time, you know: you’re creating the “bad” stuff in your life every bit as much as the “good” stuff. But, now that you know this and understand how this mechanism works, you can work it to your advantage and take back control over your own life.

Sage Kalmus

Author: Sage Kalmus

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