Earth’s Free Will Experiment

"It is always my choice."

earth on gravel

We’re sure that you know that you have neighbors out there in your galaxy.

My tribe is one such neighbor from a distant planet in Andromeda, the next galaxy over.  Do you wonder what life is like on other planets, and why there are so many, many planets in your Universe?

It’s because you just can’t stop creators from creating.

The multitude of planets is the result of creative ignition in exactly the same way your visual surroundings are the result of your own thoughts.  Everything that you see around you is alive—it’s consciousness—which loves you so much that it forms into the physical, to help you set your stage.

You have the privilege of using all of the varied forms of consciousness that have volunteered to serve you, in the way you please.  Now, this is great when you honor the free will of all consciousness that you interact with!   When you don’t, well we know what happens then.  In either case, you all expand.

Earth is currently entranced in a humanity-wide lesson regarding free will.

Now it depends on which level you’re viewing your world as to what this looks like in the physical.

If you are currently giving your power away to others, to secrets, and to governments, then you might see perpetrators who didn’t honor free will, go to trial and punished for their actions.

Should you be viewing your plane from a more broad perspective, then those same perpetrators would turn themselves in, or a rehabilitation program would be developed to assist them in healing their imbalances.  We have shown the vessel, Kimberly, this timeline, and she was quite impressed at how close you are to it.

From the broadest perspective, of course, there would be no perpetrators at all; but then you would probably be on another planet, or no planet at all.  For Earth was created by imaginative and loving beings who wanted to give you a good training ground regarding free will.  You get to experience having it, not having it, losing it, taking it away from others.  You can get so immersed in the illusion of Earth that you forget that you never really lose your free will.

So here you are, viewing your world from any number of perspectives, and guess what?

If you are reading these words, then Humanity is winning.

With the assistance of the planet itself—also consciousness that has volunteered to serve you—the Earth’s population is taking action to honor the free will of others.  For instance, the adoption of self-identified terminology, and interest-based schooling, are a few indications that Humanity is learning its lesson.

  • You are including others.
  • You want others to feel safe.
  • You want others to feel joy.
  • You care that others are healthy.
  • You want to learn more about others.

Now the loving beings who thought up the Earth experiment are watching from both the broadest and the narrowest perspective.

And those loving beings who thought up the free will Earth experiment….are You.

We call you Gamemasters, by the way, you beings who wanted a hand in this exciting experiment.  You thought up the game, and you formed it into the physical, and you also jumped onto the game board for some action.

Those of us on other planets?  We’re mesmerized by what you’re doing.  There are so many other beings choosing to watch your progress, cheering you on, and wanting to contribute whenever we can.  We see where this can go!  With the honoring of free will, comes more spontaneous and inclusive creation.

This is how you get to your New Earth.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,