Dress-Up Day For The Higher Self

You have access to the best physical expression of yourself

woman in Mardi Gras costume

In preparation to create another powerful Icon to put in your consciousness-expansion toolbox, we would like to request that you give yourself a day of play. Let’s have a dress-up day for the Higher Self.

Now, play, when one is so dedicated to perpetuating one’s evolution, may seem like you would be “wasting valuable time.”

We can dissect that phrase and withdraw all of the assumptions from it.  If you did this, you would remember that play is the essence of creation, and that time doesn’t exist anyway.  So in your system of reality, conscious play is actually what gets you where you want to go, if you prefer a joyous path.

You can play with toy soldiers and have wars;  or with unicorns in sunny meadows; or with anything else that your beautiful minds could imagine.  It’s still play, and it’s how you create.  We recommend that you set aside a Dress Up Day for exactly this reason.

When you were children, you had no issues with putting on a costume and becoming someone else for a while.  Cowboys, princesses, superheroes.  You could fully play the part, all the while knowing that you were really something bigger, having an experience of that character for a while.

As an adult, you may have different ideas about wearing a costume.  You may consider it frivolous, or justification for acting differently than you normally do.  This is how your Mardi Gras—one of the most celebrated dress-up occasions on your planet—came about from a creational level.  It is your chance to suspend society’s strict standards and allow some freedom of expression for a while.  From where we stand, it seems like people have a lot of fun during those times.

Now your world has come a long way in this regard; in fact, chances are that anything you would wear nowadays is not nearly as “weird” as someone else’s.  This knowledge, hopefully, should allow you relax your fears surrounding acceptance by others.

You will probably not be the weirdest! 
And if you are…then congratulations for your courage to go beyond what’s been done before.

So with that also said, let’s get dressed up.

Your Dress Up Day can be alone, or with friends.  On that day:

  • Dig into your closets
  • Try on old hats that you haven’t worn in a long time
  • Unfold things from the back of drawers that you’ve forgotten about
  • Unpack an old costume that you’ve stored away, and put it on
  • Apply makeup in new ways

Add music, or environmental scents, or whatever other atmospheric aids that excite you, to actualize a new environment for this event.

As you do this, you may bring back memories associated with those things.  Some may be joyous, others perhaps not.  While that activating element is out of its hiding place, you can make a decision right then and there:

“Is this still Me?”

Put it on!  Look at it in the mirror.  How do you feel?

Do you feel more empowered?  Frisky?  Sexy?  Chic? Adventurous?

Who is that person wearing that costume?

All answers can come from where you are, in this moment.
You are creating yourself when you do this, enjoying the richness of sensations that human forms allow.  Do you like it?

If you do, we recommend taking photographs; for humans are quite adept at using them to recall “previous” events.  You will have access to that version of yourself each time you view those photographs, if you take each snapshot with the intention of documenting your energy in the photo.

Consider Dress Up Day as a valuable step in accessing the physical expression of your Highest Self, which is also evolving with you.

Fine-tuning your energetic signature can be a joyous venture;  you need not be in a constant state of healing in order to rebalance yourself.  Plus, you’ve taken action in the physical by cleaning out your closet!  In the next transmission, we’ll show you how you can use such events as these to bring out the most authentic current version of the human self and the Higher Self, combined.

We want you to know how exciting it is to see you becoming yourselves, in “real time.”


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,


Half bird half human illustrated woman


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Mardi Gras image from twenty20photos