Dream Amnesia

And you were doing so well!

woman waking up from dream

Your dreams are the window into your True Self.

And I bet if you’re reading this, you’ve been working on remembering them in order to discover more about what’s going on with the 99.9999999999999% of the rest of YOU that’s living this eternal existence outside of your current form.  Perhaps you’re setting the intention to remember your dreams, you solve problems using them, or you try out various options before manifesting something in the physical.

Your dreams are limitless, just like You.  Without the ball and chain of physicality, you get to explore other worlds, visit with your soul family, other selves, and your guides.  It’s a great idea to write your dreams down as soon as you can, for even if they make no sense to you at this moment, your recording of them will allow you to circle back someday—at just the right time—to pull up the information that you stored in your journal for that moment.

Yet sometimes, you wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve run a marathon, or saved the world single-handedly; you’re exhausted.  You can’t remember the previous night’s dreams, but you know you had them…and they were intense.

The partition is up:  Dream Amnesia

This often happens after a day of waking revelation.  During the previous day, you put some important puzzle pieces together that have been waiting on the sidelines to fit in somewhere.  You finished some lessons. You accomplished significant growth. That day may have included such things as:

  • An experience of forgiveness, either giving or receiving
  • Closure on a relationship from your past
  • A life change such as a job change, death in the family, or unexpected news
  • Meeting someone new that you feel like you already know
  • An intentional decision to change your life in some way
  • A whole lot of healing-related crying

It would seem like dreams after such occurrences would be the most beneficial to remember, but the Universe loves you.  Because most of you is NOT in the physical, your healing and changes occur on multiple levels.  And you needn’t be conscious of every instance of healing you endure; for when the mind gets involved, it has the habit of viewing these changes only from the Earthly perspective.  And in case you haven’t noticed, Earth is in a bit of turmoil right now, so you basically knock yourself out in order to get the big stuff done.

I call this state one in which the Partition is Up…just like in a construction zone, you purposely block the messy reconstruction from your conscious mind so that your Higher Self can do its thing without the judgment, fear, or anxiety often related to Earthly healing.

Other versions of You are carrying the load

Now mind you, this is not escaping your growth.  Rather, it’s You, and You, and YOU….Other You’s….who are well aware of what you are going through.  They are conscious of your journey, and they have beneficial knowledge to share with you.  Things that have worked for them in similar situations.  Compassion.  Support. You’re receiving guidance in the gentlest and yet most efficient way: outside of your limiting belief systems.

Hopefully, this comforts you to know that you have many other Selves, who have full waking knowledge of you, your current state of awareness, and your challenges in this incarnation.  You too will get to the point–if you are not there already most of the time–of being able to assist them along their journeys, utilizing your particular skill set and the wisdom gained from being the unique You that you are in this life.

Continue setting the intention

So if you experience dream amnesia for a day or two, please give yourself a break.  You are healing just the same.  Write down what you remember, look at yourself in the mirror with gratitude for your journey, and vow to share your experiences with others, both physical and non-physical, for the good of all.

Oh, and a hint:  if you suddenly, out of the blue feel a nap coming on when you weren’t tired 10 minutes ago, please do yourself the favor and honor it.  This could be your calling signal from another You that is asking for help.  Go rest.  Let your Higher Self share your experiences in assistance to another version of yourself, whose own partition is up at that moment.

Joyous lullabies to you with love.



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