By now, I’m sure you understand that there is a soul aspect of yourself that is much larger than the boundaries of your physical existence. So do animals have souls like ours?

Yesterday we talked about cats being secret fluffy guides living right beside us.  Today, I’ll expand on the concept of animal souls and their roles in our Earthly existence.

Let’s get this straight first:  Animals are not lesser beings than humans.

In fact, many are more consciously advanced than most humans, in that they are able to shift their dimensional vibration in an instant by not being subject to the cultural programming of society…or basically, they don’t have doubts like we do, holding them back.

And despite the story told in one of my favorite books, The Art of Racing in the Rain, animals do not start as animals and reincarnate as humans as they evolve. It’s a great story, either way, and I recommend it for a warm view of life from a dog’s perspective.

Think of animal souls as more of a collective, for want of a better word.  Their bonds are stronger; they are more integrated, with less feeling of separation than humans feel.  This was done by design.  Animals lack the veil of forgetfulness placed on humans on the journey of rediscovering our power.

That’s how you can see photos of elephants and dogs as best friends, or orangutans cuddling with baby tigers; seemingly disparate species of animals getting along just fine.  It’s once humans put their stamp of judgment on things that such relationships seem odd.  To the animals, interactions with other similar souls—no matter what package they’re currently in—is perfectly normal.

There is one important thing to note here regarding the interactions of humans with their animals:

Animals that experience love and compassion from humans receive extra benefits that wild animals do not receive.  The interaction between human and animal results in a quickening of consciousness for both parties.

This means that your loving interaction with your pet not only benefits you, but it also benefits the animal relating to you.  The energy transfer moves in both directions.

You have now added to your pet’s resume by providing experiences of love, nurturing and shared joy. Through such interactions with you, your pet will develop personality quirks as you age together.

And guess what?

It’s quite common for a deceased pet to reincarnate into your next pet, in search of more of those loving benefits you provided to him.

So you see, this bond extends beyond the Earthly plane, just as it does for human souls.

If you’ve recently lost a pet, I’m sorry.  When you are ready to add another member to your family, keep an eye out for those same personality quirks your previous pet displayed.  This is an indication that your pet has come back to you.


Love and Light.  Pet your furry friend for me.



author: Kimberly

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