Ditching your Soul Plan

"I can be as captivated as I choose to be, about anything I like."

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In your truest form, you are Love.  Call it Source, or God, or All That Is.

Life is Love, existing.  Your basic state is also your most authentic state. You create from this state of Love. Now as your creations branch out, they have the ability to create on their own.  Girded with the foundation of love, an infinite number of possibilities exist for new ideas.  Following any idea will inspire more ideas, and this is how the Universe expands. Love is the building block of every soul plan, even if it doesn’t appear that you’re creating it in your life.

With such freedom to create, some might wonder what experiencing “Not Love” would feel like.  Since all choices are available and with the knowledge of the permanence of one’s existence, souls are also free to explore ideas that seem to be built on a foundation of “Not Love.”

This idea of separation can be a very appealing theme to explore.

After all, how much love can one creation experience, before it might be interested in investigating alternate perspectives?  The answer is entirely up to you, as a creator.  Chances are, you have explored the concept of  “Not Love” too.

In order to do this, you must forget that you are Love.  You must feel constrained within certain limitations while you learn that you are actually free.  And you have quite the adventure doing it, we might say!

We would like to introduce some core ideas that may ignite some remembrance in you:

  • This plane is often used to explore the illusion of “Not Love.”
  • Not all consciousness chooses to experience such separation from Love.
  • There is no “correct” path that a soul must take.
  • Experiencing “Not Love” is not the only reason you are here.

Now, why are these ideas so big?

Because souls do a lot of forgetting when they materialize on the Earth plane.  Slowly, they remember their true nature by fleshing out their “story.”  The “story” we’re referring to here is your Soul Story, rather than Earthly details regarding when you were born, where you live, and so on.

There are many Soul Stories, or soul plans, happening on your planet in your Now.

You may have chosen to focus on one or to combine a few.

For instance:

You are the Lightworker
You are the Gambler
You are the Student
You are the Teacher
You are the Hero
You are the Knower
You are the Fool

We’re talking about a set of themes that the larger part of You—along with the personality that is you—made together.  Some call it “between-life planning;” and this is a fair definition, aside from the fact that since life is happening simultaneously, you are never truly between lives in such a linear fashion.  Yet, you still make plans.

It’s all about focus, really.

Prior to incarnation, you discussed with other aspects of yourself, “what should we explore while we are there?”  You chose areas of development, opportunities for expansion, and a general narrative to get you started.

Now with all of the varied lifestyles and experiences to explore, this is a wonderful example of how creative you are!

Yet here you are, living in physicality, and with so many unpredictabilities, you may yearn to experience something that seems to diverge from what you considered your soul plan.

We would suggest that you choose an experience that brings you expansive joy over any experience that you believe should be done out of duty.

Anything that you consider to be a duty is simply a story.

Now there are wonderful duties on your planet:  bathing a giggling child, tending to a vegetable garden, and eating delicious food.  Duties in and of themselves are not the issue.  It’s the idea that there are limited options regarding those duties, that can thwart your joy.

If you are feeling obligated to do something, and it is not exciting to you, then know that you can drop this idea, whether you think it applies to your soul’s plan or not.  Remember that all narratives were set up as guidelines, rather than as rigid courses of action.

As a master creator, you can choose any experience that you like, and that alone is reason enough to choose it.

There really is only one true Soul Story:
You are the Creator.

So if a situation doesn’t serve you, then honor it and all involved to the best of your ability; consider alternatives, and then choose a path that brings you the most feelings of creative freedom.  We promise that your soul will rejoice in the change of plans.

My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,