Did You Know That You Are Lucid Dreaming in Reverse?

you are lucid dreaming in reverse

This physical reality that seems so solid and full of limitations? It is just as malleable as any other dream you have.

Let’s talk about lucid dreaming from a larger perspective. Today, take one minute and go inside your heart to feel…NOTHING.

Just stop thinking.  Focus your inner vision on a point of darkness in front of your closed eyes. Suspend everything until you get to NOTHING. Use intention, not effort, to get there.

When you get to that NOTHING point, you will start to feel SOMETHING.

This SOMETHING will have a depth that you can’t see the bottom of, and a height that you can’t see the top of. It will expand forever in both directions.  After you give up trying to measure it, you will sink into the understanding that it doesn’t require measurement; that this SOMETHING is actually part of EVERYTHING, and you have tapped into it.

That SOMETHING is You, outside of this illusory reality.  It’s the You that extends far, far beyond your physical body.  It’s the You that’s dreaming up this whole thing.

When you connect with this part of Yourself, you are lucid dreaming in reverse.

This Earth, which appears so solid and nonmalleable, is simply a hologram in your soul’s dream, a part of the larger You that has decided to create a play scene where you can experience all sorts of fun (and not so fun) things, along with other souls, without any real harm coming to you.  That’s our life on Earth.

When you consciously touch that larger part of You, you’re notifying it that you’re aware of the Illusion.  This opens up the floodgates for enormous expansion.

Once you focus again upon this Earthly reality, expect some great and wonderful experiences to arise; you’ve now released the ropes of limitation that have been holding you hostage. All of those things you thought couldn’t happen in our physical world will start to open to you.

This is when rapid conscious expansion happens, and Earthly life will now be open to all those things we call “miracles,” “synchronicities” and “magic.”  And yes, you can fly here too.



author: Kimberly

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