Dealing With People Who Don’t Question the Meaning of Life

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Most likely, not everyone in your life is awake.  You live in a different reality than they do, and they probably think you’re weird for having non-conformist views.

We pick it that way, you know.  You chose the players in your life based on the experiences they would give you.  What better experience (both wonderful and yucky) to grow up with someone that is vastly different than yourself?  So what is the meaning of life for those people?

Let’s refer to those whose reality is based on the following ideas:

  • There are authorities that know better than us, and they use the media to keep us informed.
  • Television is a form of entertainment to escape from the real world.
  • Each person is a separate individual.
  • Routine is good.
  • Change is bad.

These people, when fully engulfed in that reality, rarely question why they’re here, why coincidences happen, or if they even believe in what they’re told.  Contemplation of humanity’s existence isn’t a driving factor for validating their own existence.

So how do you get over the fact that there are people who may never question the meaning of life?

First, pull out your ego card and put it on the table.

Remember that they choose their reality because there’s something for them to learn there, and that your reality is not better, or worse.  Just different.

Then, remember we’re on a hamster wheel of consciousness.

Notice I didn’t say the ladder of consciousness, because that ladder you hear about all the time is connected at the ends. There are no higher or lower levels on a wheel; we are simply trotting on different places on the wheel.  You know, hamster-style.


Remember, you were there once.

Although you probably stood out from the crowd from a very early age, you most likely have experienced most of the reality in which they still live.  You understand how easy it is to believe in the permanence of the illusion.

Realize that you don’t have to believe in their reality to make a difference in their lives.

By setting an example of a different lifestyle, you give them yet another option for formulating their own lives.

Remind yourself that love spans all realities.

Your duty as a Lightworker is to send out love to all.  No matter where they are on the wheel.  And remember that love is being sent to you from others, from different realities, just the same.


So rock on, my badass Trailblazers.  See the world from multiple perspectives:  from where you were, where you are, and where you want to be.



author: Kimberly

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