Connecting With Departed Pets

Consciousness is always present in some form.

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Do you miss a beloved pet and wish you could reconnect?

Many people can agree that the bonds formed with their pets are often stronger than those with other humans.  Earth’s a great place to get some growth work done; and animals provide the necessary vibratory balance for humans as we learn to love ourselves again.

Unless you favor tortoises over fuzzy cats and fluffy dogs, the lessons that accompany the loss of a pet are part of the journey.  It’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to a friend that has literally lived by your side for longer than most humans have.

A reader* asked a great question about how to best reconnect with deceased pets in a loving manner:

“Is it possible to move to a timeline in which I can reconnect with my lost dogs, and not digress spiritually?”

In a world in which all possibilities exist, the answer is “yes.” One key is to recognize how you have served one another:

Your loving interaction with your dogs increases their frequency, thus moving them along the evolutionary path.
You help them expand!

And, your dogs allowed you to experience loyalty, dedication, and full presence in the moment…moving you along your evolutionary path.
They help you expand!

Animals are little lighthouses, barking and sniffing, and cuddling their way into your hearts.  The fun part is that they retain their personalities even after physical death, just as humans do.  This can show up in some quirky ways.

Although I am unaware if animals employ conscious soul plans or not, they do often reincarnate with similar characteristics, in adorable new bodies.  That weird way he scratched behind his left ear that you could never figure out?  It’s possible that a new puppy, somewhere, is scratching his left ear in the same way.  That wacky personality comes along for the ride each time, hopefully with its head hanging out the window and ears flapping in the wind.


Regarding Timelines

Your dogs sparked some inquiry in you about your true connection with other consciousness. “Is it possible to see them again?”

From the physical perspective, your question sends out the request for a vibratory match to your desire:

“I hope to reconnect with my dogs.”

From the mechanical perspective, consciousness volunteers to fill that role for you, out of pure love.  Might the animal look different from what you remember?  It’s quite possible; after all, there was a reason that the animal left his body.

So don’t be surprised if, when you are ready to add another pet to your home, a certain animal catches your eye and you don’t know why.  If you feel an immediate bond with an animal, chances are you’ve been on other timelines with it, and it has happily made its way back to your current timeline, in another form.


About Regressing Spiritually

In a universe that is constantly expanding, there is no going back.  Even when reliving a “past” event as if it were happening in the “present,” the You that is experiencing it is a different You–a more expanded You—than the You that originally registered that event.  We call this “reknowing,” when people, events or situations are revisited and re-experienced from a higher level of awareness.  More information and understanding can always be unlocked from this broader perspective.

You are constantly expanding, and if you are present in your moments, then all experiences will be recognized as part of the expansion process.  Remembrance comes in stages, with each experience inviting more conscious expansion…forever.

So whether you imagine your dogs, as you knew them, in your imagination during quiet times; or if you happen upon a new friend that scratches his ear in a familiar way, you will always be a more expanded Self having the experience.  Simply by sending out the loving intent to connect, you open the door for meeting from a place of love and reciprocated loyalty.

May you connect with your departed pets in whichever form they choose to express themselves, and may you feel the excitement of meeting up with old friends once more.  And thank you for being a loving pet owner, for those beautiful bonds benefit us all.


With love,




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