Outcomes: Choosing More Than One Box

You can choose YES.

checkboxes of all yes

A little bit of shaking up was requested by your Collective to stimulate your growth. What are we shaking up?  Possible outcomes.

So “shake it up” you are doing; and although nothing is ever set in stone since you are all creating outcomes on the spot, you are in this moment on a positive timeline that focuses on unity and equality for life in all forms.

We celebrate humanity’s advancements from our own vantage point.

And we are sure that from no matter which level you read this transmission, there is shaking up going on somewhere.

It may be within you, in the form of releasing of fears through “healing.”
It may appear outside of you, in the form of catalytic events that affect the Collective on a large scale.
Perhaps it’s both, if you are an adventurous soul!

When you accept the possibility that collective events on your world are largely planned, you can ease into your own celebration of humanity’s “little wins,” as you call them; and you can continue creating positive timelines for yourself and humanity.

No matter where you feel some shaking, you are sensing the movement of energy within your field; and as you rebalance yourself, you benefit the Collective as well.  Surrendering to the larger parts of You facilitates the transmission of your own higher frequency Self into embodiment.  You are perfecting the delicate balance of being self aware in both spirit, and in form, concurrently.  So what does this mean?

We will tell you, that it means that a lot of fun is available to you in this Now.

You are entering into realms that allow boundless freedom, and for most of you this is a new experience while in human form.

We would like to remind you of some exciting news:

There are infinite options available to you, and you can choose them all.

This is a world of endless possibilities, and so we offer a small analogy to explain how you can maximize this exciting time on Earth:

You often are asked to take surveys.  In them, you will see a question, and some options. You make a decision, and you check a box.

Yet inherent in the Earth experience of “surveys” is a common limitation: You often believe that you are limited to checking only one box.  In other words, it’s either this, or that.  We will ask you a question about such surveys:

Have you ever tried to check more than one box?

We observe that many of you assume that only one choice can be made…unless you are specifically advised to “check all that apply.”

We are here to tell you that every challenge, every choice presented to you, every option…can be chosen if you desire it.  You can check all of the boxes; or none of them, if you prefer.

We would love to see you check more than one box anytime you have the opportunity to do so.
Stay in reception mode; and your only real challenge will be to playfully guess which one will show up first.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,