Chances Are, You Were Burned at the Stake

reason for phobias

Lightworker, you are an Old Soul.  That means you’ve had a lot of lives in preparation for this one; and chances are, they weren’t all so pretty.

There is no better learning tool than adversity.  I haven’t met a Lightworker in this lifetime that hasn’t experienced some pretty significant trauma in their lives.  And nowadays, we’re considered civilized compared to earlier times on this planet.

The lightworkers, the forward-thinkers, the innovators, the dreamers—have traditionally been persecuted for living outside the norm.

If there were psychic powers involved, or God forbid, MAGIC—then they were labeled a menace to society and they were eliminated so as to not upset the balance of society.  In one of my favorite books, “Flatland, A Romance of Many Dimensions“, the poor guy got punished for discovering the 3rd dimension.  Talk about a bad rap!

So it’s likely that you’ve been beheaded, burned at the stake, drowned, stabbed at least once, stoned, drawn-and-quartered, or subject to a myriad of other torturous practices with red-hot iron devices…based on your beliefs about reality.

And you bring that experience with you into your other lives, whether you’re aware of it or not.

I remember being pushed off a cliff, and hearing my bones crack as my body slammed against branches of pine trees as I plummeted to my death.  Needless to say, I came into this life with a falling phobia.  I met up with my former enemy in this life, by the way, and we’re good friends now.  She seems to have no problem with falling at all.

Well those miserable days are coming to an end, and this lifetime is different.

This is the lifetime when your skills are a desired trait.  This is the lifetime when you get to celebrate your weirdness, your ability to co-exist in 3D and 5D where people recognize oneness and celebrate inclusion.

You can choose to review your past lives and balance out those energies if you like; or you can simply send out the intention that you no longer need to hide your authentic self as in the past.  The intention is enough to mitigate that energy in these new times.




author: Kimberly

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