Can You Take Fun More Seriously?

"Laughter leaves me at the top range of my resonant frequency."

photo of goats in countryside

We would like to ask you about the last time you laughed.

Did you expect to be laughing? Was the subject matter repeated from times past, perhaps inciting an automatic response due to the association? Or was it new, playful, spontaneous?  A visceral joyous laughter at a child’s antics, or an animal’s curious behavior?

In either case, we are happy that you laughed.  For no matter what initiated it, you have grown in some way.  

You reset your frequency when you laugh.  

It’s like supercharging yourself to the top of your available frequency range!  Your battery is full.

The next desires that you send out are created from that level, you know.
When you create from this higher vibration, your doubts and limitations have little say in the matter.

And with all of the resources available to initiate laughter, we wonder why you consider this beneficial behavior as a mere afterthought? 

Usually, you won’t allow yourselves to laugh unless you feel that your work has first been done.

So today:

  • Is it possible to take Fun more seriously?  
  • To make laughter your main goal?  
  • To watch something, even for a few minutes, that makes you laugh?

If you have been waiting for an answer to something, then this might be a great idea for you today.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,