Can You Imagine a Color You’ve Never Seen Before?

(Spoiler: Of course you can.)

petunias in many colors

Seth advises that our senses are “Lovely Liars.”

This quote, one of my favorites from Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts, is a subtle and playful reminder that we are here, as humans, only temporarily.  I know that is a hard thing to grasp when we feel like we’ve been thrown into a pit of darkness with no way out other than feeling every single thing we’ve ever repressed throughout our human lives.  It does take some time to see past that illusion, and when you do, you might be able to enjoy yourself during this journey.  In fact, I believe that healing happens faster when you make an effort to enjoy yourself.  One way is to practice your multidimensional abilities, which lay latent and waiting for you to exercise those muscles.  So let’s start by imagining a color that you’ve never seen before.

Science tells us that our eyes can see a teensy-tiny portion of the spectrum that’s out there.  Bless their hearts, they’re doing their best with the current limitations that define what’s a fact.  Yet, my friends, I am here to tell you that, just as Seth says, your eyes can see MUCH more than you’ve been told.  Do you believe it?

Check out this video and see if you can imagine a color on either end of our visible spectrum.

Here’s a hint: Just past red is infrared.  And on the other end of violet is ultraviolet.  I am going to venture that ONE of these two words sparks something in you.  Start there.

For me as a purple fanatic, the word ultraviolet brings me from zero to giddy in about 2 seconds.

It wasn’t hard from there to close my eyes and get into a relaxed state, where I asked my Higher Self to send me to a garden that had flowers I’d never seen before.  Poof!  There I was, able to wander among blossoms and blooms that don’t exist on my current Earth (yet), but that are just beyond my spectrum of belief, in many areas.  Designs I’ve never seen.  Shapes I’ve never seen.  A sky I’ve never seen!  And there it was…a rose in the deepest violet-but-not-violet I’d ever seen.  Think of some of the colors we know, layered.  Imagine some iridescence on top of it.  And then add sound.  Woot.

And if beliefs get in your way, consider how far horticulturists have come with hybrids lately.  We’ve got purple potatoes, seedless watermelon, and petunias that bloom white, silver, lavender, purple, and pink flowers…all on the same plant.

Here’s another hint:

Have you ever seen a color that looks shiny along with the tint itself?  Think brand new leaves, or oil slicks on the sidewalk.

So get your imagination fired up, and see what you come up with. Happy manifesting!