Being Cool With Not Knowing What’s Next

The world of unknowns

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So which is correct?  After I send out my desires, should I have expectations? Or should I just let the Universe decide what’s right for me?

In much of the material out there describing how to manifest your dreams, we’re told to send out our intentions and then to expect that they will be delivered to us.  Then there’s others telling us not to have expectations, since they may exclude the possibility of an even better option that we haven’t even thought of yet.  So which is right?  Have expectations? Or be OK with not knowing what comes next?

Welcome to expanded consciousness, my awakened Trailblazer.  Where paradox is part of the equation.

The answer is BOTH.

Remember that one of Earth’s constructs is that of duality: yes and no; this or that.  If one option is correct, then the other option is incorrect.  Oh!  Marie Antoinette!  “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

Yet Universal Law specifies no such thing.  Universal Law specifies that everything exists, and it exists simultaneously.  So you can have “yes” AND “no,” and you can have “this” AND “that,” existing right next to each other.  They are only choices that you focus on or not.

The key is that the expectation is more of a “knowing” that you have the power to be, do or have anything you like, rather than a “not knowing.”  Since we are interacting with other selves in the course of this life, every interaction is providing anyone involved with an opportunity for growth, and that’s some divine engineering to coordinate all those synchronicities, chance meetings, and surreptitious events that allow our dreams to manifest.  That’s where you let the Universe do its thing.

Knowing that you’ll get what you want, simply because you want it and you’ve raised your frequency to match your desires, is a great expectation right there.  Then, you can hang around in that frequency, understanding that your desire could come in any shape, size, time frame, or occurrence. This allows you to have some fun with the outcome.

So have the expectation that your desire will be manifested, and be OK with not knowing how, or when, that desire arrives.



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