Arriving On The Plane Of Compassion

The concept of separation allows for compassion

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There are many of you now who are focusing on your experiences from the perspective of the next plane over.

This plane—one you know as the first level of 4th Density frequency—is what we call the Plane of Compassion.

As you further activate your Heart chakra, or what some call the Green Ray, you learn to view what is “out there” as a mirror of what’s “in here.”  With the remembrance that everything you see and experience is put there by You, it stops making sense to be in discord with any of it.  Why would you, when you recognize that you would be arguing with yourself?

Thus, your judgment gradually turns to compassion as you strive to personally—and collectively—suffer less.  You know that all paths lead back to Source and that your path is just one of many unique courses.

This Green Ray activation allows you the chance to help others from a foundation of love, rather than from a place of expectation or unbalanced power.

While on this plane, you will still experience separation in the sense that there are Others that benefit from your assistance, just as you benefit from theirs.  This type of separation is, of course, by agreement and is a part of your expansion process.

Since many of you have little to no remembrance of navigating this new plane, we would recommend that you give yourselves a break for a while.

When you go on a holiday, do you not give yourselves time to relax and unwind when you first arrive?

We would urge you to do the same here, for this landscape is built on a different foundation, and it does take some getting used to.

Here are some differences that you may notice:

  • A scenario from an earlier time repeats itself; this time around, you have the opportunity to aim for positive outcomes rather than expect threats
  • Those around you reflect your inner thoughts through words, deed,s or appearance
  • Immediate manifestation of something you were considering just a few minutes before, with no effort on your part

So please take some time to sit, observe and interact from a playful, joyous standpoint.

You have earned it, my friends.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,